#ToMB WIP update for Lilith

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Hobby, Tale of Malifaux Bloggers
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Some more progress on my ‘Mother of Monsters’ crew. Lilith has received some highlights to her skin, layering from Bestial Brown up through to Vomit Brown. The next stages will be Elf Flesh mixed with vomit brown and then lastly Elf Flesh with possibly some white mixed in for a final edge highlight. I have also used some Jade Green to tie in with the rest of the models in the crew. I think Purples and Jade Green will be a feature in my Neverborn.

The tots, the babies of the bunch, started with Genestealer Purple followed by a wash of Army Painter Purple tone to provide a darker tone. Highlighting with watered down Genestealer Purple and then again with a mix of purple and white produced a stark contrast. A final diluted wash of Purple Tone helped blend the stark highlights with the base colour. Green was used on their cloth and they will have grey horns and hooves and some metallic weapons.


  • Lilith – Mother of Monsters

  • Terror Tots – almost done

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