#Epic #Armageddon flyers on a budget

Posted: January 15, 2015 in Hobby

So with the reduced availability of eldar flyers I decided to try and make my own. Scouring the Bits sites for suitable components I stumbled across a flyer made using an epic eldar jetbike. Taking that as a sign I started last night and by the end I had made decent progress on 2 nightwings and 3 phoenix bombers.

The bonus is that they could possibly be used by both Eldar and the dark cousins, Dark Eldar. And after seeing Elsmore’s painting log I decided to steal/borrow the idea and paint mine the same way, as Prince Yriel’s Raiders.

I also managed to get some more work done on my Eldar revenant titan (a 40K wraithguard)

  • Original inspiration

  • First and ongoing attempt at Eldar Nightwings

  • Ongoing progress on Eldar Phoenixes

  • Elsmore’s Yriel’s Raiders

  1. Andrew says:

    Really like your Epic flyers and titan. Any pics of the completed miniatures?


    • Bob Mccallum says:

      Unfortunately not, been on a back burner for a while as other systems have come up. Will get back to them shortly though…

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