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Malifaux at Slayers 24/2/14

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Gaming
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Last night we had more training games for Paddyfaux with 40SS games being played. Lucius (Neverborn) took on Hoffman in Squatters Rights and Sonnia and McCabe had a grudge match in Reconnoiter.

Hoffman vs Lucius

Hoffman – Remote Mines, Field Mechanic, Arcanist Assets, 6 cache
Mechanical Attendant
Guild Guard
3 Spiders

Lucius – Surprisingly Loyal, Legalese, Secret Assets
2 Riflemen

Both set up on opposite flanks and rolled up the board, the Silurid jumped forward to flip a strategy marker and the tot ran up the outside. The Hunter received Fast and Hydraulics from Hoffman, giving him Nimble for the game. He moved up, the Beckoner lured him forward and a rifleman Red Jokered for damage on him, killing him. Then my opponent announced Frame for Murder and scored 2 points.

Lucius did what he does best – order minions around, swapping places and dropping scheme markers. Hoffman was coughing up scrap markers to use for his Remote Mines later in the game – setting up traps so that Lucius could not get near him.

The Terror Tot ran up past a Guild Guard and a Silurid landed in base contact beside him preventing any shots at the little fella. In reply the guard swung twice at the Silurid for 4 damage.

Next turn the silurid leapt away to continue with Breakthrough leaving the tot to the pistol of the guard. 2 shots and he was done. The beckoner lured a spider forward to help reposition her in between 3 scheme markers for Protect territory.The spider lucked out, flipping a strategy marker and preventing Lucius from scoring. An entire round of shooting from 2 riflemen, an austringer and Lucius himself finally killed the spider off. A reposition of a rifleman gave the chance of flipping the scheme marker but a remote mine killed him.

We reached the end of Turn 5 without either master taking any wounds. The dust settled and the score stood at 9-9.

So at the weekend we got in a game, smaller than usual but in preparation for an upcoming tournament, PADDYFAUX, which will use 40SS games on Day 1 and 50SS games on Day 2.

Since the Lilith box set comes in at 25SS for models alone I decided to proxy some models to see how good they would be with Lilith leading them.

Strategy: Turf War
Schemes: Bodyguard, Breakthrough, Plant Evidence, Spring the Trap, Line in the Sand


Lilith, Beckon Malifaux, Living Blade 4 cache
Silurid – for objective grabbing and leaping
Young Nephilim – accompany some tots for protection
3 Terror Tots – objective runners
Cherub – (0) interact actions with a certain radius for other models

2 Death Marshals
Witching Stalker
Guild hound
Brutal Effigy

My plan was basically to run the cherub with the tots up a flank and drop scheme markers as I went. The Young Nephilim was close by to provide support when needed but could get to the centre of the board for the strategy. Lilith would remain central and use her ability to see ignore terrain for LOS and move enemies when needed or throw up forests to hamper LOS. A terror to and Silurid were deployed on an opposite flank and Tuco was in the forest ready to cause havoc. My opponent took a central line in preparation.

Turn 1:

With my opponent allowing me to go first, Tuco emerged from the forest and blasted at a Death Marshal catching the second and Samael in the blast. In response Samael set him on fire and dealt damage to kill him at the end of the turn. This was a bad move! Keeping him in cover and possibly getting 2 good shots off might have been a better use for him. The tots ran up the opposite flank with the Nephilim and Cherub while the Effigy, a hound and a stalker moved to counter them. The Waldgeist moved up and threw up a forest and Lilith did similar to cut down lines and slow progress. At the end of the turn Tuco took damage, killing him and my opponenet spent a stone to have a witchling stalker emerge from the ashes.

Turn 2:

My Nephilim could not see the hound behind the wall to charge but did manage to walk and then engage. 1 strike meant the end of the hound. Lilith performed Tangled Shadows and swapped a Waldgeist and the Brutal Effigy and then killed the effigy in a strike. My tot placed a scheme for (0) and then ran forward, sprint helping out to get extra movement. The tot was on fire from a witchling bullet but my Cherub could only look on as it cannot interact to put the flames out. The death marshals advanced towards the centre so to counter a Silurid leapt and charged and in doing so was able to get into position to score a point from the strategy. Killing the marshal did not change the situation and at the end of the turn we both scored 1VP. 1-1.

Turn 3: Lilith had Samael  in range and casually walked up and swung twice. Not charging gives a +ve flip to both Attack and Damage and with Living Blade giving 3″ melee no one is safe within 9″. Score 2-2.

Turn 4:

With little left of my force and the opposing crew suffering likewise the strategy was forgotten as we attempted to score scheme points. Sonnia rounded the tower and put a Young nephilim to the torch, blasting Lilith and a cherub in the process. Lilith walked to Sonnia and with no soulstones left was in position for next turn. Lilith was left on the board against Sonnia and a stalker.

Turn 5:

Initiative flip was the key here. Flipping a Red Joker secured me the initiative and with it she struck Sonnia twice for severe damage on both to kill her. Last AP I tried to root the stalker in place to prevent any movement for scheme grabbing but missed. Her (0) grew a forest beside the witching to hamper any movement.

When the dust settled I had placed 2 objectives for Plant Evidence and announced it for 3VP. My opponent scored 3VP for Breakthrough and 1 for Plant Evidence.

Lost 6-5.