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Malifaux at Slayers 24/2/14

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Gaming
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Last night we had more training games for Paddyfaux with 40SS games being played. Lucius (Neverborn) took on Hoffman in Squatters Rights and Sonnia and McCabe had a grudge match in Reconnoiter.

Hoffman vs Lucius

Hoffman – Remote Mines, Field Mechanic, Arcanist Assets, 6 cache
Mechanical Attendant
Guild Guard
3 Spiders

Lucius – Surprisingly Loyal, Legalese, Secret Assets
2 Riflemen

Both set up on opposite flanks and rolled up the board, the Silurid jumped forward to flip a strategy marker and the tot ran up the outside. The Hunter received Fast and Hydraulics from Hoffman, giving him Nimble for the game. He moved up, the Beckoner lured him forward and a rifleman Red Jokered for damage on him, killing him. Then my opponent announced Frame for Murder and scored 2 points.

Lucius did what he does best – order minions around, swapping places and dropping scheme markers. Hoffman was coughing up scrap markers to use for his Remote Mines later in the game – setting up traps so that Lucius could not get near him.

The Terror Tot ran up past a Guild Guard and a Silurid landed in base contact beside him preventing any shots at the little fella. In reply the guard swung twice at the Silurid for 4 damage.

Next turn the silurid leapt away to continue with Breakthrough leaving the tot to the pistol of the guard. 2 shots and he was done. The beckoner lured a spider forward to help reposition her in between 3 scheme markers for Protect territory.The spider lucked out, flipping a strategy marker and preventing Lucius from scoring. An entire round of shooting from 2 riflemen, an austringer and Lucius himself finally killed the spider off. A reposition of a rifleman gave the chance of flipping the scheme marker but a remote mine killed him.

We reached the end of Turn 5 without either master taking any wounds. The dust settled and the score stood at 9-9.

Slayers This week

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Gaming
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So this week at Slayers we seen a great game of Malifaux – Wong vs Perdita 50SS match up with a victory going to the Ortegas. With Nino controlling line of sight to every Squatters Rights objective if was difficult for Wong to score points early on. The star of the show was perhaps the Rooster Rider, going reckless to get 2+ve flips on attack and damage and being allowed to (1) rooster charge out of combat seen him kill Nino, a witchling and death marshal in a single activation.

On another table there were 4 games of Bushido run during the night. 30R games of Ito vs Prefecture see a split in victories. Good times and a great start to our Bushido campaigns on a lovely bespoke board. We discovered that shooting can be devastating but nothing is better than a quick kill with a skillful sword strike.