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Well last weekend seen our annual trip to Cork on the South West coast of Ireland for Paddyfaux, so-called as it is run over the St Patrick’s Weekend street party in Cork. Hosted by the great Mike Foreman and held in the luxurious Imperial Hotel in Cork the event is always a lot of fun and highly anticipated event in our gaming calendar.

Day 1

Setting off from Belfast it took just under 5 hours to reach our destination and that even included rush hour traffic in the one-way system of Cork’s main streets. Some of our friends from the United States made the trip across the Atlantic for the event and we met up with them in the family-run bar of the host Mike. Dan Lowrey’s Bar is a great location serving fantastic local ales and ciders and with wonderful home-cooked food it really is worth the trip. Sitting down with a few pints of Chieftain IPA we caught up with the Americans, Tera and her husband George, over a few bowls of traditional Irish stew. Then it was back to the hotel for gaming.

Our Americans brought some gaming goodness from their game store Mastermind Miniatures and Models which included a lot of X-Wing ships for the guys and some Cthulhu expansions for me. We broke out Luchaodr Mexican Wrestling Dice, played some Munchkin Loot Letter and snacked on authentic american jerky! It’s all good!

Tournament Preparation

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Gaming
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With this weekend seeing the inaugural Paddyfaux (St Patrick’s Day weekend in Ireland) I want to talk about crew selection and what goes in to help with the strategies and schemes on offer.

The Paddyfaux rulespack sets out the strategies we will be playing over the 5 rounds and also a list of schemes available for those rounds. 3 games on Saturday at 40SS, 2 on Sunday at 50SS means we can be assured of very different games and experiences.

There is no paint requirement for this tournament although fully painted crews will grant extra raffle tickets for prizes. I have decided to combine this tournament with my #ToMB log and try and get as many models painted in the timeframe.

I opted then for Neverborn as a faction choice for the tournament. Each faction has 7 masters available to it but I will be sticking with just 2. Lilith as part of my #ToMB and Lucius. There are a large range of models that can and do work well with Lilith, from her Terror Tots for objective running to Waldgeists to cut down LOS to Nephilim for beating on models. She is purely in-faction in her selection.

Lucius on the otherhand is the Governor’s Secretary. A high ranking member of the Guild but as it turns out is secretly a Neverborn Master. He allows access to MIMIC and GUARDSMAN models through an upgrade he can purchase. This means Lucius can bring in some much needed firepower to the Neverborn – Guards, Riflemen and Austringers are all available to him.

So this gives me 2 distinctly different builds – Lilith with her fast hard-hitting but fragile crew and Lucius with his buffs to minions and ability to order people around and take out of sequence actions. Whether or not this is a good idea will remain to be seen. Results will be posted after the weekend.


With only 2 weeks before Paddyfaux we have been frantically playing smaller level games to prepare for the first day (3 rounds 40SS). I have played 1 game with Lilith and 1 with Lucius and I will tell you what I have learned: 40SS does not go very far.

In order to get minions that can fulfil the schemes on a game-by-game basis the amount of big gribblies I can field goes down dramatically. Lilith took 3 tots, a cherub, silurid, Young Nephilim and a waldgeist. Leaving no room for any heavy hitters (Young Nephilim aside). So what’s outcome? Basically the difference between 40 and 50SS is a heavy hitting minion, enforcer or henchman. What i believe is that if you nail your games at 40SS then moving up to 50SS just gives you more survivability to do some damage with the additional model in your crew.

I also ran a Lucius Guild/Mimic crew with 2 riflemen, austringer, beckoner, tot and a silurid. Again with little experience with Lucius I eked out a draw but was not using Lucius or his minions to their optimum abilities.

And the painting is still continuing. Have been steadily applying 3 colours at least to all models. Still got a few that need to be airbrushed but this will happen this weekend.