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So tonight with only a few hours before the Kickstarter ends we finally are able to get a demo game of Guildball in. The dollies have been cut out, the pitch is bare and ready for some blood, sweat and tears.

The Quick Start Rules provided seem quite clear, clean and simple language and notations of what certain key things mean for gameplay. So let’s dive right in!

First up, each team consists of 6 players, 4 normal sized players, 1 large player and 1 team mascot. With the Union players you have the choice of switching out players but for a simple demo we will stick with the standard out-of-the-box teams. Each player in the starting team is also a unique named character. This prevents spamming with certain models. The pitch is a standard sized wargames board – 3″x3″ in size with 1 team goal 6″ from each end line. Models are positioned at the start up to 10″ from their own end line. Whoever rolls highest can choose to kick or receive. The ball is placed at the kicking team’s goal, the ball gets kicked and we are under way!

As the kicking team I set up first followed by my opponent. Placing the ball at my goal I kicked off. To do so you place the ball on the field which must be over the half way line. The goal has a KICK value of 3 so 3 dice are rolled and a 4 or more will mean a successful kick. Unfortunately I placed the ball beyond the maximum range so the ball scattered. There is no pre-measuring in this game! The ball scattered out of play, was thrown in and came to rest in my half! I picked the ball up and gave it to my opponent.

Next the game starts. Rolling 1 D6 for initiative and adding any unspent Momentum Points, MP determines who has initiative to determine activation order. The player with initiative then allocates INFLUENCE to his models. Influence is what the models use to do actions during a turn. All models will generate an Influence pool which can then be used to give models their influence for the turn. There is a maximum number of influence a model can receive.

One thing that I was struggling with during the game was that models can move for free without spending Influence. This is just a holdover from other games where moving takes action points (see Malifaux,Infinity,Bushido etc). So a model with no influence can still move each turn. A model’s MOV stat is 2 numbers. A free move uses the lower value but if a model wishes to sprint they can remove 1 Influence when they activate to sprint in a straight line up to their maximum MOV. Models can only move once per turn.

So what can Influence be used for?

  • If a model is Knocked Down it can spend 1 Inf to remove the condition but this counts as movement for the turn.
  • A model can sprint in a straight line
  • A model can charge up to it’s maximum MOV towards a target for 2 Inf. If this is successful he can attack once with +2 TAC bonus.
  • A model can make an attack if there is a model in it’s Engagement Range – Typically 1 or 2″ bubble surrounding each model.
  • A model can also perform some special plays if it spends the required amount of Influence.

So, with Influence applied and distributed the active player will nominate and activate 1 model. That model must then use all or some of his Influence and once finished his action ends. The opposing player then nominates one of his models and this goes back and forth until every model has taken a turn.

Hitting people – what could be better? If a model has an enemy model in it’s engagement range it can make an attack. Spending an Influence allows an attack or if the model charged it gets a free attack. The mechanics of hitting could not be easier. The attacker uses it’s TAC value to determine a dice pool. The defender has a DEF which tells the attacker what number he needs to roll – typically 3+,4+ etc. The attacker then rolls all his dice pool and any rolls under the target are misses. The defender then tells the Attacker their ARM value which subtracts from the number of successful hits. The final number of successes allows the attacker to unlock his playbook.

A playbook is a unique table for every model. Each successful hit unlocks another column in his playbook. A playbook represents damage inflicted, pushes of the attacker or defender, knock downs, tackles and special plays. This allows the attacker to decide what would be best for him in each situation based on the successes he has achieved. This is a very simple but incredibly deep outcome system.

How do I win? Simple, score 3 goals. That’s right the game is not just about beating up your opponent, there’s a small leather object that is key to the game. The ball is a 30mm base that can be controlled by models in base contact with it. If the ball ends up within 1″ of a model it snaps to base contact with that model. A model can spend 1 Inf to kick the ball. All models have a KICK value which is a number and a range (3/8″). This is the number of dice rolled to determine success and the maximum range they can kick. Whether the kick is to another player, a shot on goal or into the open the process is the same. The ball is placed at the intended target. The distance is measured to the location of the ball. If this is beyond the maximum range the ball is moved back to the maximum range. We now determine the success of the shot. The KICK value determines the dice pool. Generally speaking a roll of 4+ is a success. If a kicking model has enemy in engagement range the dice pool is reduced per enemy. If the receiver has enemy in engagement range the target number increases per enemy. This can be very tricky!

If successful the kicking team generate 1 Momentum Point as the crowd cheer them on. A receiver can immediately perform an out of turn action to spend the gained MP to make a move or take a shot on goal. This again is another kick and follows the above rules. If the shot is successful the team score 1 goal and their MP increases by 1 (by 2 if they roll 2 scores of 6).

First team to 3 goals wins. Once a goal is scored there is no reset or rest. The ball is immediately kicked back into play from the goal which can be beneficial for the defending team and they can try and make a fast break to score at the other end.


It’s the last few hours for Guildball. Just over 2 days remain and the guys at Guildball have released yet more stretch goals up to £100,000. These new stretches will add an additional character to each of the main guilds. I’m guessing we will soon hit the 8 players per guild that the Union Players have.

The £85k goal that was unlocked adds a new character to the Butchers – Meathook! Oh yes!

This is an innovative and unique concept – tying together a digital RPG and a physical card game together to harness 2 universes in 1 joint experience. They have already broken their funding goal and with 35 days to go I can see a large number of stretch goals being broken if they play this correctly.

And with a new strategy where freemium games are concerned I think they can offer a new experience to digital game players.

And let’s not forget the Malifaux tie-in with limited edition sculpts and models. I will certainly be keeping an eye on this!

  • Lucius and his Hunter fight together as a Frame

  • A new Colette

  • Miss Direction for the Outcasts

So with Month 1 done, Month 2 rolls round. With my $20 from last month banked I now have $45 to spend this month. There are plenty of options open to Lilith but as I want to utilise the Nephilim part of the Neverborn faction there is only 1 logical choice for my next spend:

And there’s $5 left in the bank for next month. This box contains 3 models, not as much as the starter box but let’s have a look inside. The 3 models are:

  1. 2 Young Nephilim
  2. 1 Mature Nephilim
  3. All the cards required

They are quite big models as well! The young nephilim are based on 40mm bases and the huge Mature Nephilim is on a 50mm base with his monstrous wings extending behind him. On a matter of note I used tiny magnets on the wings so that they can be attached and unattached quickly which really helps storage.

Why Monsters?
Lilith and the Nephilim have access to an upgrade – Rapid Growth – which allows Terror Tots from Lilith’s base set to kill a model in range and immediately grow themselves into a Young Nephilim. This means for a 4SS you can get rid of an enemy model and replace your model with a 6SS model. This is perfect when combined with the For the Brood trigger on young nephilim, mature nephilim and Lilith and Barbaros. This all helps to get more back for your crew than you initially invested.

I am really looking forward to building and painting these models.

  • Nephilim box

So it’s been a fun month with Lilith. I may have broken a few rules of #ToMB by using other models in my collection but the Lilith box comes in at 28/29SS at a push which does not meet minimum game size for including a Master.

So what have I learned? Let’s break down each model and see what they do:

The Master of Malifaux. She can ignore LOS for CA and charges. With a Wk/Cg of 6 she has little movement bonuses for charging over walking. combine this with her bonuses on her sword when attacking and damaging for NOT charging means she either wants people within her melee range or at most take 1 walk and swing her sword with a better chance of hitting. She has Black Blood which is a Nephilim trait. Any Nephilim who take damage will inflict 1 Dg on all non-Nephilim models in 1″ range. Nice defensive ability. her Df is the highest in the game with a trigger that means if you miss her with melee you will be at -2Ml til the end of the turn. And lastly she ignores severe terrain when moving. Her only downside is 10 wounds which is a little fragile on a Master. Rush of Magic allows her to draw an extra card at the start of the turn. She can then discard a card down to her hand size.

Her spells are very nice. Tangle Shadows is perhaps the best one but does require a relatively high card with a Mask. She targets a model within 12″ (ignoring LOS) and switches places with a friendly model within 6″. Her standard 2″ melee range means she might then be able to take 2 swings with a ML 7 positive attack and damage. She will probably be killing most things with 2 swings. She has a (0) action that allows +1 Dg on all melee damage from charge actions if she moves through terrain.

The upgrades I have taken so far have been:

  • Beckon Malifaux – Lilith gains Instinctual to do 2 different (0) actions which is handy since this upgrade gives her an additional (0) to create an Illusionary forest to block LOS to her but not for her. She can then charge through this to get the bonuses above.
  • Living Blade – This extends her range of melee and gives her an ability to get a free swing if a model is pushed within 1″ of her. Which leads to
  • Wicked Mistress – Gives Lilith a spell to make her push a model up to it’s charge towards this model. If it is pushed through severe terrain it tales damage and gains slow. If it ends within 1″ it can be targetted by Living Blade.

These 3 key upgrades give Lilith a lot of movement shenanigans and make her deadly within a 12-18″ range.

Lilith’s Henchman and protector. He is not quick but has Nimble so gains an extra move. He has Armour and Black Blood and a trigger when someone misses to inflict damage and push them away. His high Df adds to this making him pretty tough. He has a sword with decent range, decent Ml6 and standard damage spread. He can then push the target up to 4″ away afterwards which can then be combined with Nimble so if he is in a place he does not want to be he can hit once and move twice. He has (2) action that deals more damage, pushes the target further away then pushes him in Base contact after. His (0) Challenge allows him to put up a big bubble to protect those inside from damage as all actions need to pass a WP test or fail immediately.

  • His main upgrade is the Gladiatus which is a (0) so it is either this or Challenge each turn. The Cyclone Crash is a Wk duel which if failed deals damage and pushes away. Those pushed into base contact with impassable terrain gain SLOW.
  • Rapid Growth is a nice upgrade on Barbaros as this allows Terror Tots nearby to be able to grow into Young Nephilim when they kill a model.
  • Obsidian Talons allows models who trigger the chance to cheat damage flips even if they are on negative flips. Normally you can NEVER cheat negative flips but Obsidian Talons grants the FLAY ability and this is perfect for a hard-hitting fragile crew. Kill other models before they kill you.

Terror Tots
These adorable little critters don’t look like much with low wounds and above average walk. They have a high defence and ignore severe terrain and have Black Blood. When they die any Nephilim in range may walk towards the model that killed it. They have an average Ml5 but where they excel is their tactical action – Sprint. This allows them to move, flip a card and if a Mask is flipped they move again. A cheat from your hand can guarantee these guys are up the other side of the board before the opponent knows what is happening. They have a built in ability called Pounce that allows them to get a free attack if a model ends a push in their engagement range. You may ask yourself why you would heal an opponent’s models rather than killing them but we will cover this later.

He is the Ace up the sleeve when it comes to interacting with the board and other models. Other models within 3″ may take (2) Interact actions as (1) actions and (1) actions as (0) so this means for any scheme involving placing markers or interacting with other models means the models get a bonus move or action for free either after interacting or before. His ranged attacks deal little damage but hand out Slow conditions and he can make the area around any model hazardous which then means models take damage in it.

Playing Games

When deciding what models to take you need to know what Strategy you are playing and available schemes. If Breakthrough or Plant Evidence comes up I’m taking 2 or more Terror Tots and running them up the flank. If you declare this they only need to place 2 markers to guarantee 3VPs. Bodyguard works well with Barbaros with his Armour, 9 wounds and his inherent quickness. Protect Territory can be easily achieved with the speedy cherub helping models take (0) actions to interact and then do other things.

Lilith benefits greatly from being in the middle area of the board, her Mv6 and ability to see through terrain means that an opponent can have his best models swapped out and suddenly have Barbaros in his face and his best model now within string distance of Lilith’s blade.

Nephilim Pinball

Most Nephilim have a trigger on their melee weapons – For The Brood – built in. This allows them to instead of killing a model, instead heal it 1 wound, Paralyze it and push it 8″. This is essential for Nephilim Pinball. Basically a model kills an enemy, paralyzes it and then pushes it over to a terror tot who activates pounce and then kills the target and grows into a Young Nephilim. Perfect way to get enemy models off the board and get in heavy hitters to your force without spending on them at the start.


So I have had a blast playing Lilith over the last few weeks and learning her tricks. She is a very different master to what I am used to and can be played a few different ways to achieve victory. Next month I will be adding to the crew to get some more diversity in it.


I started the year with the intention of doing something more than just collecting (read buying) new shiny models. I already have a buttload (metric tonne) of toy soldiers and not enough time to paint them all. Enter my New Year’s Resolution.

I aimed to paint 1 point a day for the entire year. This does not mean paint an arm on a 5 point model but just be able to sit back on December 31st and count up 365 points of models painted in a year. As i mainly play skirmish games this gives both a challenge since games are low points cost meaning lots of models but also a potential to reach out and grab other skirmish games to play, collect and paint. Enter Bushido #itsathing.

It started reasonably well and by January 5th I had finished a 5 SS Malifaux model, my female Drowned. Solustones, SS, are there way of points costing models. Bushido uses Rice Bowls. Secrets of the Third Reich uses RP but this is not a skirmish game so a 6RP unit may consist of 10 troops, 3 large monsters or a steampunk tank robot – I know, cool! right?

Then the procrastination hit, buying more new models and not painting those I had. Time was piling up and my points total for the year was not matching it. Time for some severe motivation.

With Paddyfaux looming up and extra raffle tickets on offer for painted crews I decided to up my game. Deciding on Neverborn to compliment my #ToMB project I knew I had to get a lot of models completed to give me a depth to my crew pool. So let’s take a look:

  • Drowned – 5SS
  • Lilith – 10SS
  • Barbaros – 10SS
  • 3 Terror Tots – 12SS
  • 2 Young Nephilim – 12SS
  • Mature Nephilim – 11SS
  • 3 Silurids – 21SS
  • 2 Waldgeists – 12SS
  • Lucius – 10SS
  • Austringer – 6SS
  • Black Blood Shaman – 7SS

This gives me a total of 116 points of models painted this year. It is now 17th March (Happy St patrick’s Day!) which makes 76 days so it looks like I have recovered from my February slump. Just a little motivation really does help.

With the new Malifaux Vassal league starting soon and with 10 Thunders as my chosen faction it looks like I have more motivation to paint up my 10 Thunder models to get practice games in.



Tournament Preparation

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With this weekend seeing the inaugural Paddyfaux (St Patrick’s Day weekend in Ireland) I want to talk about crew selection and what goes in to help with the strategies and schemes on offer.

The Paddyfaux rulespack sets out the strategies we will be playing over the 5 rounds and also a list of schemes available for those rounds. 3 games on Saturday at 40SS, 2 on Sunday at 50SS means we can be assured of very different games and experiences.

There is no paint requirement for this tournament although fully painted crews will grant extra raffle tickets for prizes. I have decided to combine this tournament with my #ToMB log and try and get as many models painted in the timeframe.

I opted then for Neverborn as a faction choice for the tournament. Each faction has 7 masters available to it but I will be sticking with just 2. Lilith as part of my #ToMB and Lucius. There are a large range of models that can and do work well with Lilith, from her Terror Tots for objective running to Waldgeists to cut down LOS to Nephilim for beating on models. She is purely in-faction in her selection.

Lucius on the otherhand is the Governor’s Secretary. A high ranking member of the Guild but as it turns out is secretly a Neverborn Master. He allows access to MIMIC and GUARDSMAN models through an upgrade he can purchase. This means Lucius can bring in some much needed firepower to the Neverborn – Guards, Riflemen and Austringers are all available to him.

So this gives me 2 distinctly different builds – Lilith with her fast hard-hitting but fragile crew and Lucius with his buffs to minions and ability to order people around and take out of sequence actions. Whether or not this is a good idea will remain to be seen. Results will be posted after the weekend.


Current funds: £70,249

Looks like Mist has been unlocked for funders to choose after the Kickstarter closes. Let’s see what’s next. £10k and 9 days to go. I think we can do it!


  • Mist

Life through a Lens – Part 2

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My lenses arrived yesterday and even with questionable translations instructions on the packet I was able to get it attached.

Basically it boils down to:

  1. Take sticky wrapper off metallic ring and stick to phone
  2. Attach lens of choice

I think IKEA could do with these concise instructions. My only issue was that the metallic ring covers the flash on the phone. That was when I realised why they supplied different backing rings, including one with a slice cut out to accommodate the flash on an iPhone. These guys think of everything!

Anyway, the results. Given that I am under pressure to get a lot of models finished for this weekend I took a quick shot of a WIP Governor’s Proxy/Scribe for Malifaux.


  • Before adding a macro lens

  • Adding a macro lens

Some new artwork for Through The Breach, the RPG from Wyrd in the Malifaux universe. Cuchillo Ortega, enjoy!

  • Cuchillo Ortega