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So I managed to squeeze in some hobby time today. Thought my Emperor’s Children could use some much needed support in the form of a Reaver Titan from Legio Fureans (Tiger Eyes).

Lacertus Rex, King Lizard, is a combat-focused reaver with a giant power fist for crushing his enemies up close. His command cockpit has been modified with a snapping jaw, giving him his name. Backed up with a plasma cannon and a turbo laser-destructor mounted on his carapace he can also deal with infantry and vehicles.

Bring forth destruction the false Emperor!

So this year with my reduced hobby time I will be concentrating on a few select projects. Malifaux will be a major focus but I also want to give some love and encouragement to lesser rulesets. This also allows me to give some love and attention to the models in my collection that have yet to feel the caress of a brush.

  1. Complete the 2 Epic forces I started last year. I was close to completing my Eldar last year. When I say close I was almost at 3,000 points. This does not give a lot of wiggle room for tailoring my force so I will be adding to my force to get it to around 4,000 points. I will also attempt to get my Heresy Emperor’s Children up to the same level. I love the Heresy models and will be continuing painting purple this year. I will also be adding some titan support to both my loyalists and traitorous forces. This will also feed into playing lesser-played systems, below.
  2. Paint 1,000 points of ‘Of Gods and Mortals’. Published by Osprey Games this is a nice simple system with lots of room for customisation of forces, creating your own pantheon of gods and take part in epic battles. For me I will be doing a dark celtic force using some old Rackham models from their Drune range. My force consists of 4 units, 2 characters and Cernunnos the Horn’d God. This force can also be segued into a force for Dragon Rampant, another Osprey Games system.
  3. Organise and take part in various ‘Man Days’. With limited gaming time we have decided to have 1 day a month devoted to gaming with the guys. This is organised chaos where any system and games are welcome, turn up and play. Grab an opponent, organise before or on the day, or rope in anyone who wanders by to play a game. Our first Man Day will be 31st January and if successful will continue every month.
  4. Play more. Simple. Whether it’s in tournaments or just a relaxing board game with my wife I want to play more this year.

Ok, let’s get this out of the way. I failed in my hobby challenges. Completely! But I had a great year, attended some conventions, went half way around the world to play toy soldiers and painted stuff I had lying around for years. I’d call that a moral victory.

  1. The Rainbow Award. Play all 7 factions at 7 Malifaux events. Well that didn’t happen. It started well enough placing 2nd and 3rd in my first 2 events using factions I rarely play – Arcansists and Neverborn. I followed this up with another 3rd place with a faction I have never played before – Outcasts. I ended the year with 2 more events both of which I used 10 Thunders for. So that leaves Ressers, Guild and Gremlins for 2016. I did however increase my rankings position this year and finished in the Top 20 at the UK Nationals in November. Finishing 46th in the UK I’d call that a result!
  2. Play a game a week. Well let’s just say I played games whenever I could. I updated my year of gaming banner with every game I played. Don’t think I reached 52 weeks of 1-a-week gaming however.
  3. Paint 2 3,000 point forces for Epic. I got a significant amount done with my Eldar but my Space Marines are sorely lacking. I will get final numbers for this. I did manage to get to a gaming club while I was in Australia and witnessed a truly epic spectacle of Epicness – 48,000 points of Heresy Epic in a mad game.

Going forward I aim to get more Epic painted, more games played – I’m looking at you Guild Ball – and trying some new games – Mayhem 10mm, Of Gods and Mortals and Warmahordes as well as slot games at wizardslots with my wife and daughter.

It’s going to be a good year!

So for my latest formation I decided to paint up a full formation of Striking Scorpions Aspect Warriors. This allows me to field a full formation (with 2 Exarchs or Autarchs) of Scorpions or mix and match with my existing Aspect Warriors – Gotta love Eldar cheese.

So with these guys I wanted a bright and vivid green like they used to be displayed in. I never understood why a highly specialised infiltrating warrior would be decked out in bright green armour. Regardless I stayed true to fluff. Wurm green was applied over a white base. A Wargames Foundry Yellow highlight was drybrushed over and a watered down Army painter Green wash applied to add some shadow. P3 Jack bone was given to weapons followed by a highlight of P3 Mentoh White and a Army painter Soft tone wash applied. The purple helmets was Vallejo and a bit of white added to highlight. A mid brown base and flock/sand mixture added to the base.

Pretty happy with the results.

I also managed another greater daemon of Slaanesh over the weekend. My latest one is blue and is beside one I painted 10+ years ago. Not a bad comparison.

Spurred on by a Facebook group I decided to try and get some more paint on my Epic Armageddon forces. First up was my Emperor’s Children Sicaran battle tank. This is a vehicle recently introduced in 40K lore and stemming from the Horus Heresy. perfect for my Heresy Emperor’s Children. And in support we also have an Emperor’s Children super heavy tank – Fellblade Glaive -still WIP. The Eldar were not left out this weekend as they got some heavy support in the form of a Scorpion grav tank.

#Epic #Armageddon flyers on a budget

Posted: January 15, 2015 in Hobby

So with the reduced availability of eldar flyers I decided to try and make my own. Scouring the Bits sites for suitable components I stumbled across a flyer made using an epic eldar jetbike. Taking that as a sign I started last night and by the end I had made decent progress on 2 nightwings and 3 phoenix bombers.

The bonus is that they could possibly be used by both Eldar and the dark cousins, Dark Eldar. And after seeing Elsmore’s painting log I decided to steal/borrow the idea and paint mine the same way, as Prince Yriel’s Raiders.

I also managed to get some more work done on my Eldar revenant titan (a 40K wraithguard)

  • Original inspiration

  • First and ongoing attempt at Eldar Nightwings

  • Ongoing progress on Eldar Phoenixes

  • Elsmore’s Yriel’s Raiders

Continuing my resolution from last year I got in not 1 but 2 games of Epic last night. Granted, it was Minigeddon 1,000pt games and we only played 2 turns each game but it was enough to get 2 new players into the game mechanics and another to relearn the system.

We played Orks, Imperial Guard and Space Marines at 1,000 points


  • Boyz Mob, 2 nobs, 2 grots and battlewagons
  • 3 Stompa mob with 2 dreadnoughts
  • 8 warbikes
  • 5 Gub wagonz with Oddboy

Space Marines

  • 2 Tactical Formations with rhinos
  • Land Raiders

Imperial Guard

  • Steel Legion Infantry company with chimeras
  • 3 Hellhounds
  • Baneblade
  • Warhound titan

It was enough to show the mechanics of using infantry, vehicles, transports, war engines and characters and was an absolute blast. The guys learned the benefits of last minute marching to grab objectives, laying down just enough blast markers to break formations, engagements and supporting fire and rallying and regrouping. Good times.

  • Guard vs Space Marines – 2-1
  • Orks vs Space Marines 2-2
  • Orks vs Imperial Guard 0-2

#Epic #WIP Aspect Warriors

Posted: January 8, 2015 in Painting

Now I’m positive this is so far from sub-optimal but I just love Warp Spiders, the Howling banshees and Dark Reapers were close to hand when rummaging through the bits I had bought on eBay so I started with them. This will be another 325 points added to my Epic Eldar which will bring the total to 675 points for the month. With a game planned for tonight I hope to get these aspects finished at the weekend.

I debated whether to paint them in their standard aspect colours, use the craftworld colous or a combination of both. I settled on a combination as an be seen on the dark reapers. I will use their standard aspect colours where appropriate but will bring in the purple helmets and bone weapons where I can. Think it works ok.

So 5 days in and 350 points of 1 Epic force assembled, painted and based. Not bad. Guardian Formation and transports completed. These were the first epic models I had painted in 5 years but by the end I was getting back into the way of things with extreme highlighting to make the effects noticeable from a distance. Looking forward to painting some Aspect Warriors next.

Also tonight is our first club night of the new year. Going to get my Malifaux fix for the week. Thinking Molly this week for some fun (and the new plastic Rogue Necromancy 😉 )