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A feast for your eyes and wallets

First pic is in of the translucent Nightmare Edition Root Beer Whiskey Golem and it’s EPIC

#ProjectBrown The beginnings

Posted: November 16, 2014 in General, Hobby

So eventually it happens to all of us. We fall off the wagon. It all starts with good intentions. In this case I would only play 1 faction. Then I need a second to demo to other people and spread the love of Malifaux. So Ressers gave way to Guild Hunters. And so it stayed increasing model counts for both factions. And then Storm of Shadows hit and my love of Mei Feng flared.

Mei Feng in case you don’t know is a Dual Faction Master. What does this mean? Well, it doubles my playable Factions! #M2E came along and with it new artwork and something just whispered in my ear…Neverborn! Lilith had new plastics, the Nephilim got a much needed facelift and I had somehow already picked up a Zoraida and Misaki who in between editions went from Mercenary to Master of the Ten Thunders and another Dual Faction Master.

So this brings my playable faction count up to 6 which leaves 1 faction out. Some argue that they are not a real faction at all but with #M2E the Gremlins have somehow split and formed a faction by themselves. The Bayou is their home.

Along with other models in the Malifaux range the Gremlins have gotten an update to their look with the new plastics while still maintaining their aesthetic. And this is where #ProjectBrown comes in.

So far we have Somer Teeth Jones, the Bayou Boss, 2 warpigs and a rooster rider along with 2 skeeters, Lenny, 4 gremlins and 2 slop haulers. Along with Somer, Zoraida has become Dual Faction and has taken her place as the Mistress of the Swamps. Which ties in with her swamp fiends, the Silurids, the Waldgesists and Bad Juju all of which were in my Neverborn collection.

So what does this all mean? Well any given day I can play any of the 7 factions with at least 2 masters for each faction. Oh dear. I think I need help.

Post #M2GT Blues

Posted: November 14, 2014 in Gaming, Hobby, Painting
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So after a frentic few weeks getting the last models I needed ready for the Malifaux UK GT #M2GT it seems a bit of a lull now. But not for long as we have Nordicon 3 – the 3rd Nordicon to look forward to. And this time I get to play! Trophies are already purchased, prize pool is being collected and this weekend I will attempt to design some counters to give as goodie bag support.

In the lead up to #M2GT I managed to paint:

2 Samurai
2 Tengu
Dawn Serpent
Shadow Effigy

Now, granted they are not all finished but are at least base coloured and look respectable on the tabletop. Will have to see how far that takes me to completing my New Year’s Resolution.

Added to all this in the background I have started #ProjectBrown – the bayou project. With 2 masters for Gremlins now I thought I really should get the models assembled and painted and prepare to play a few games.