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Lovely Bushido Terain from @OshiroModels

Posted: January 28, 2016 in Gaming, Hobby

Yet more additions to the Bushido range. After their teaser in the Rise of the Kage expansion – The Docks of Ryu – the Jung Pirates become the 9th faction in the Bushido universe. This mighty Buto fights under their banner.

@BushidoGCT #Ito Okyo archers

Posted: January 20, 2016 in Gaming
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Okyo Archer – Ito Clan

The ashigaru in the Okyo garrisons are massing in preparation for the battles to come. Whether armed with the Okyo naginata, as slightly smaller version of the standard weapon due to the confines of the terrain or the Ito short bow they are ready to combat the enemies of the snake. The versatile archers make excellent skirmishers, lightly passing through the densest undergrowth before raining death upon the enemy with cold Izu steel. 

#Bushido New Art for latest faction

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Hobby
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First artwork for the Tengu faction for Bushido – looking great for the killer ninja birdmen of the forests of Jwar. Naigubu the Ancient

Bushido Demo Night @WeeGamersNI

Posted: February 6, 2015 in Gaming

So last night seen a great demo of Bushido to the hungry gamers at Wee Gamers. A quick overview of the cards and stats and away we went. Bushido is a tabletop skirmish game set in the pseudo-fantasy Jwar Isles with a distinctly Japanese feel to it. A group of between 4 and 7 models will make up your typical warband and put you straight into the numerous battles in the Jwar Isles.

Each model or group of models will use a stat card to list their characteristics: melee and shooting ability, movement and Ki generation each turn. Ki is an important resource as it allows models to boost their attacks, defence or perform Ki feats at times in the game. Also listed is their Traits that can include Armour (1), Martial Prowess (2) or Light-footed. Each trait is explained in the rules and gives models a distinct flavour.

Combat is quite unique in that a model’s Melee Skill (MS) determines the dice pool for each combat. This pool is then secretly broken into attack and defence dice and all rolled together (2 sets of coloured dice are required). The current attacking model will compare his attack dice to the defender’s defence dice. If the defender survives he can then compare his attack to the other player’s defence. The difference between the 2 will determine the success level of each attack. A further 2D6 are rolled, added together and that will determine the number of damage sustained. Armour (1) will reduce this dice roll by 1, Armour (2) will reduce it by 2 etc.

Wee Si and I set up a quick game of 19 Rice Cost (RC) which for Si was Takeji and his 2 Jade Mamba Guard. I took Saratoshi and Kenzo Ito in response. The first 2 turns were tactically moving for a turn 3 strike. The melee was swirling around when Si with a model advantage managed to get a surprise charge which put me on the back foot. Some quick thinking and armour (3) I managed to weather most attacks but numbers proved the winner and Si eventually won the day.

Good times in Jwar!

Slayers This week

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Gaming
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So this week at Slayers we seen a great game of Malifaux – Wong vs Perdita 50SS match up with a victory going to the Ortegas. With Nino controlling line of sight to every Squatters Rights objective if was difficult for Wong to score points early on. The star of the show was perhaps the Rooster Rider, going reckless to get 2+ve flips on attack and damage and being allowed to (1) rooster charge out of combat seen him kill Nino, a witchling and death marshal in a single activation.

On another table there were 4 games of Bushido run during the night. 30R games of Ito vs Prefecture see a split in victories. Good times and a great start to our Bushido campaigns on a lovely bespoke board. We discovered that shooting can be devastating but nothing is better than a quick kill with a skillful sword strike.


Don’t Get Hit in the Rear

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Gaming
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So valuable lesson learned last night: Leaving your flank open to an enemy model in Bushido really hurts!

So the details? Takeji my Ito Ashigaru commander was on a mission to put some hurt on Ilyro after  cleaving Nezumi in 2. In the process he ran straight towards her, lurking at the back of the field. In the process he bypassed an Armoured kairai who was pushing forward. Without thinking I left the enemy model unengaged and that is where disaster struck.

Reading up on Surprise  we discovered:

Surprised models may not declare Ki Feats or Ki Boosts, are always the Attacker second in Melee Exchanges and may not benefit from traits or effects that affect Initiative, and suffer a ­1 MS modifier. Models are only Surprised until the action in which they became Surprised is resolved.

So as long as you say out of LOS you prevent the enemy spending Ki to boost, perform feat actions and suffer -1MS. Ouch.

The melee swirled and eventually Takeji fell but not before a Bushi charged in and killed the Kairai who failed his Rise(4) test to come back from the dead.

This just left the Bushi facing down the horror that is Ikyro. Declaring the charge he ran into BtB and had to pass a Fear(6) test on 1D6. Rolling a boxcar he promptly struck Ikyro who deflected 3 damage back onto him but suffered 5 wounds and dropping dead!

Great game!

Bushido – It’s a thing!

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Gaming

So a while back we were discussing expanding into a new system and Bushido was bounced around a bit. At the time I was happy in my Malifaux groove – Wave 1 was out, there were cards and wave 2 was coming up fast on the horizon.

Fast forward a few months to the Malifaux UKGT 2013 in Tabletop Nation. They have a lot of demo boards laid out and 1 of these was for Bushido, Ryu vs Savage Wave i believe. The scenery was beautiful and miniatures looked very well sculpted, 32mm metal. And on round lipped bases. Cashier, write me up!

A month or so later and Mark comes in with his Cult of Yurei models and the cards for them. I have to admit I had been looking in between times. There are 6 factions so far – The Prefecture of Ryu, The Monks of Ro-Kan, The Savage Wave, The Cult of Yurei, The Ito and The Silvermoon Syndicate.

I settled on the Ito Clan, a group of samurai warriors who have devoted their existence to a Snake God, Orochi. Some models exhibit outward signs of that devotion with half-snake bodies or poisonous weapons. Others are subtler than this.

We have since played 2 games, basically set up and smash each other affairs to learn the basic rules and it seems a lot of fun.

There a few similarities with Malifaux. Each model is represented by a card with all stats, abilities and options on it and it’s a alternate activation system.

This is where the similarity ends. Dice pools are used for all combat and tests. Models get tired and exhausted each round and LOS is the key to charging and moving. In combat each player takes their allotted number of dice and secretly assigns this pool to attack and defence and then both players roll off against each other. the active player hits first and compares his highest attack to the defender’s highest defence. If the attack is higher the difference is the success level which will determine how much damage is inflicted. If the defender survives and he allocated any dice to attack it is now his turn to compare his attack to the attacker’s defence.

In this way both players are active in all combat. But be careful as a model’s condition worsens each time he is active in combat.

The game seems like it will have a lot of options and the company is churning out models every month. Good times ahead!