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Awh man I am so happy I’m in this Kickstarter. Can’t wait to get my teams.

The guys at Guildball have shown more progress work on their renders for the Fishermen. Ladies and Gentlemen… Siren!

This is an innovative and unique concept – tying together a digital RPG and a physical card game together to harness 2 universes in 1 joint experience. They have already broken their funding goal and with 35 days to go I can see a large number of stretch goals being broken if they play this correctly.

And with a new strategy where freemium games are concerned I think they can offer a new experience to digital game players.

And let’s not forget the Malifaux tie-in with limited edition sculpts and models. I will certainly be keeping an eye on this!

  • Lucius and his Hunter fight together as a Frame

  • A new Colette

  • Miss Direction for the Outcasts