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Recently I have had to rearrange all my toys and downsize to co-habitation with my future missus. This means that my vast array of toys in my 3 bedroon gamer’s paradise has had to be sold, sorted and re-stored in a much smaller area.

I have discovered many an old collection of models, from Thousand Sons Terminators converted from regular plastic terminators to Flames of War Panzergrenadiers and tanks half built lying around in shoe boxes. I had a large amount of Forgeworld resin miniatures for Epic:Armageddon that managed to get whittled down significantly on eBay but still I have 4 full races to play with sitting in boxes.

So this has led me to question my storage options and possible solutions. Over the years I have used almost exclusively Games Workshop’s cases and, while suitable for the task, were never very inspiring. Yes, they do come in a range of colours and in 2 different sizes (small and large) and they have since the creation of Apocalypse come out with a giant version.

Like most gamers I like to sort my collections into meaningful sections – all my Bushido models together, my Epic:Armageddon Chaos needs a tray to themselves etc and it’s just a nice warm feeling inside to open a case, look through the painted models all arranged in a nice and complete set. So let’s see what options are out there for a gamer like me: