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With only 2 weeks before Paddyfaux we have been frantically playing smaller level games to prepare for the first day (3 rounds 40SS). I have played 1 game with Lilith and 1 with Lucius and I will tell you what I have learned: 40SS does not go very far.

In order to get minions that can fulfil the schemes on a game-by-game basis the amount of big gribblies I can field goes down dramatically. Lilith took 3 tots, a cherub, silurid, Young Nephilim and a waldgeist. Leaving no room for any heavy hitters (Young Nephilim aside). So what’s outcome? Basically the difference between 40 and 50SS is a heavy hitting minion, enforcer or henchman. What i believe is that if you nail your games at 40SS then moving up to 50SS just gives you more survivability to do some damage with the additional model in your crew.

I also ran a Lucius Guild/Mimic crew with 2 riflemen, austringer, beckoner, tot and a silurid. Again with little experience with Lucius I eked out a draw but was not using Lucius or his minions to their optimum abilities.

And the painting is still continuing. Have been steadily applying 3 colours at least to all models. Still got a few that need to be airbrushed but this will happen this weekend.

So with the help of a couple of big backers Guildball has broken the £50k mark. That is a great achievement in just over 1 week. The first stretch goal was custom designed goals for each team, cast in resin. This second goal is “Snakeskin” a free agent player for the “Union” guild. This models becomes a free add on for pledgers that have backed for at least 1 team.

The creators of Guild Ball have re-ordered their stretch goals and re-worded what each backer may or may not get. Check them out!

Below are the posing shots of the Fishermen, Masons and Morticians teams.

So the guys at Guildball have released their alpha set of Quick Start rules. A quick skim reveals a very simple and fluid system of dice rolling to determine success/failure and consequences.

Check it out! They have already hit their fund goal so the project will proceed. All other funding will help them release more models. And what gamer does not want more models?

Malifaux at Slayers 24/2/14

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Last night we had more training games for Paddyfaux with 40SS games being played. Lucius (Neverborn) took on Hoffman in Squatters Rights and Sonnia and McCabe had a grudge match in Reconnoiter.

Hoffman vs Lucius

Hoffman – Remote Mines, Field Mechanic, Arcanist Assets, 6 cache
Mechanical Attendant
Guild Guard
3 Spiders

Lucius – Surprisingly Loyal, Legalese, Secret Assets
2 Riflemen

Both set up on opposite flanks and rolled up the board, the Silurid jumped forward to flip a strategy marker and the tot ran up the outside. The Hunter received Fast and Hydraulics from Hoffman, giving him Nimble for the game. He moved up, the Beckoner lured him forward and a rifleman Red Jokered for damage on him, killing him. Then my opponent announced Frame for Murder and scored 2 points.

Lucius did what he does best – order minions around, swapping places and dropping scheme markers. Hoffman was coughing up scrap markers to use for his Remote Mines later in the game – setting up traps so that Lucius could not get near him.

The Terror Tot ran up past a Guild Guard and a Silurid landed in base contact beside him preventing any shots at the little fella. In reply the guard swung twice at the Silurid for 4 damage.

Next turn the silurid leapt away to continue with Breakthrough leaving the tot to the pistol of the guard. 2 shots and he was done. The beckoner lured a spider forward to help reposition her in between 3 scheme markers for Protect territory.The spider lucked out, flipping a strategy marker and preventing Lucius from scoring. An entire round of shooting from 2 riflemen, an austringer and Lucius himself finally killed the spider off. A reposition of a rifleman gave the chance of flipping the scheme marker but a remote mine killed him.

We reached the end of Turn 5 without either master taking any wounds. The dust settled and the score stood at 9-9.

So at the weekend we got in a game, smaller than usual but in preparation for an upcoming tournament, PADDYFAUX, which will use 40SS games on Day 1 and 50SS games on Day 2.

Since the Lilith box set comes in at 25SS for models alone I decided to proxy some models to see how good they would be with Lilith leading them.

Strategy: Turf War
Schemes: Bodyguard, Breakthrough, Plant Evidence, Spring the Trap, Line in the Sand


Lilith, Beckon Malifaux, Living Blade 4 cache
Silurid – for objective grabbing and leaping
Young Nephilim – accompany some tots for protection
3 Terror Tots – objective runners
Cherub – (0) interact actions with a certain radius for other models

2 Death Marshals
Witching Stalker
Guild hound
Brutal Effigy

My plan was basically to run the cherub with the tots up a flank and drop scheme markers as I went. The Young Nephilim was close by to provide support when needed but could get to the centre of the board for the strategy. Lilith would remain central and use her ability to see ignore terrain for LOS and move enemies when needed or throw up forests to hamper LOS. A terror to and Silurid were deployed on an opposite flank and Tuco was in the forest ready to cause havoc. My opponent took a central line in preparation.

Turn 1:

With my opponent allowing me to go first, Tuco emerged from the forest and blasted at a Death Marshal catching the second and Samael in the blast. In response Samael set him on fire and dealt damage to kill him at the end of the turn. This was a bad move! Keeping him in cover and possibly getting 2 good shots off might have been a better use for him. The tots ran up the opposite flank with the Nephilim and Cherub while the Effigy, a hound and a stalker moved to counter them. The Waldgeist moved up and threw up a forest and Lilith did similar to cut down lines and slow progress. At the end of the turn Tuco took damage, killing him and my opponenet spent a stone to have a witchling stalker emerge from the ashes.

Turn 2:

My Nephilim could not see the hound behind the wall to charge but did manage to walk and then engage. 1 strike meant the end of the hound. Lilith performed Tangled Shadows and swapped a Waldgeist and the Brutal Effigy and then killed the effigy in a strike. My tot placed a scheme for (0) and then ran forward, sprint helping out to get extra movement. The tot was on fire from a witchling bullet but my Cherub could only look on as it cannot interact to put the flames out. The death marshals advanced towards the centre so to counter a Silurid leapt and charged and in doing so was able to get into position to score a point from the strategy. Killing the marshal did not change the situation and at the end of the turn we both scored 1VP. 1-1.

Turn 3: Lilith had Samael  in range and casually walked up and swung twice. Not charging gives a +ve flip to both Attack and Damage and with Living Blade giving 3″ melee no one is safe within 9″. Score 2-2.

Turn 4:

With little left of my force and the opposing crew suffering likewise the strategy was forgotten as we attempted to score scheme points. Sonnia rounded the tower and put a Young nephilim to the torch, blasting Lilith and a cherub in the process. Lilith walked to Sonnia and with no soulstones left was in position for next turn. Lilith was left on the board against Sonnia and a stalker.

Turn 5:

Initiative flip was the key here. Flipping a Red Joker secured me the initiative and with it she struck Sonnia twice for severe damage on both to kill her. Last AP I tried to root the stalker in place to prevent any movement for scheme grabbing but missed. Her (0) grew a forest beside the witching to hamper any movement.

When the dust settled I had placed 2 objectives for Plant Evidence and announced it for 3VP. My opponent scored 3VP for Breakthrough and 1 for Plant Evidence.

Lost 6-5.


Guild ball now on Kickstarter

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A new Kickstarter has appeared from some guys based in the UK – Guild Ball. Pub football (soccer) played on a wargaming tabletop. The game was funded in it’s first 12 hours and now we are hoping to see some stretch goals being met.

The first stretch goals is team-specific resin goalposts and that was reached over the weekend. Next up we have free agent players to all pledgers who backed at least 1 team.

Find out more

Slayers This week

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So this week at Slayers we seen a great game of Malifaux – Wong vs Perdita 50SS match up with a victory going to the Ortegas. With Nino controlling line of sight to every Squatters Rights objective if was difficult for Wong to score points early on. The star of the show was perhaps the Rooster Rider, going reckless to get 2+ve flips on attack and damage and being allowed to (1) rooster charge out of combat seen him kill Nino, a witchling and death marshal in a single activation.

On another table there were 4 games of Bushido run during the night. 30R games of Ito vs Prefecture see a split in victories. Good times and a great start to our Bushido campaigns on a lovely bespoke board. We discovered that shooting can be devastating but nothing is better than a quick kill with a skillful sword strike.


With a spring in my step and a smile on my face I’m happy to finally announce that I am using Lilith in our global-spanning quest for world domination. Wait, what? Sorry, wrong blog. So yes, a group of Malifaux podcasters and bloggers have gotten together and decided to revive the old “A Tale of…”

What is “A Tale of…”? I hear you ask! Well, it all started a long time ago, like most stories do, in the mists of time when boys were small and White Dwarf was a respected gaming magazine. 4 writers for White Dwarf got together and decided to keep track of their new and fledging armies as they bought, painted and played with their forces each month. They each had a budget which they used to buy extra units for their forces and Little Timmy reading at home could do exactly the same as them (or just buy a whole army in 1 fell swoop because Little Timmy’s parents over indulged the spoilt little brat).

The “A Tale of…” can be used for various game systems and model ranges and this is where “TOMB: Tale of Malifaux Bloggers” comes into play. We knew that people new to Malifaux would need somewhere to come to read up on what others have done, see what options they have and (in my case) what failures they have made along the way, playing and gaming with their crews.

Malifaux lends itself well to this format. The starting price point we have is $60 which will cover an initial investment in a crew box set and a deck of cards. Each crew box will generally have a thematic core set, providing a Master, usually a henchman and a totem and some other models that are useful with the Master’s playstyle.

Each month after the first we have another $25 to spend on models. We can freely decide what to buy, save up for a larger purchase next month or get something new each month. So, with that here’s my 1st month’s spend:

  1. Lilith, Mother of Monsters – $40

This gives me $40 spent and $20 to bank for next month. With this crew box set I get Lilith, Master of Malifaux and her henchman, Barbaros, a gladiator-style Nephilim. Lilith’s totem, a symbol of her power, flutters by her side in the shape of a Cherub. And her ‘children’ – 3 terror tots to help achieve her plans in Malifaux. The arsenal box provides a full of set of stat cards for all models released in the first wave of Malifaux 2nd edition. The reason I bought this is that even though all new models come with new cards for 2nd edition if I get the chance to buy any models cheap on ebay from 1st edition I will have cards to use them in 2nd edition. It’s a future investment for the faction and my crew.

I am tying this blog together with a slow grow league we are running in my local gaming group so for the next few weeks the core set will do me just fine as we are playing small soulstone levels for a few weeks. In small games it is usual for the henchman to lead the crew rather than a master. Last week seen Barbaros, Lilith’s henchman take on Ototo of the Ten Thunders in a Turf War.

The game was a lot of fun, the terror tots made good use of terrain to scamper forward with their Sprint ability (move, flip a card, if it’s a Mask, move again), sometimes cheating in a low mask when I really wanted some speed. Barbaros himself is not fast but his additional Nimble ability allows him to get a free walk which more than makes up for his 4″ movement.

Black Blood on all Nephilim models means that even if they are engaged they can be a threat as each damage they take they dish out 1 damage to all non-nephilim around them. In the end it came down to Ototo failing to heal himself and a sneakity little terror tot stabbed him in the knee to kill him and get the Assassinate scheme.

10-6 victory in my first outing. 2nd round tomorrow night.

Malifaux Slow Grow League

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So this week we started our Slow Grow League at Dragonslayers club. Was a very good turn out with 6 players deciding to join in. The Slow-Grow is meant to be an encouragement for new players to pick up a starter box and get playing ASAP, learning the rules, game interactions and what their models are capable of by playing smaller games.

We went with very small games – 20 soulstones a side – which means that crews are led by their henchmen. This keeps the powerful masters off the board so new players are not overwhelmed by these models.

There was quite a showing from the Guild this week with The Judge leading 2 crews, Franscisco leading the Ortegas and Hoffman (I know, the only master on the board) leading some constructs on an expedition. In the other game we had Otototototototo and his Torakage facing down Barbaros and some Nephilim.

Let’s hope for more of the same in future games. I plan to keep the soulstone level small for the next few weeks and then introduce masters.