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There is no doubt that technological innovations have resulted in the development of incredible games that are high-functioning and grab massive market traction.

However, with the significant integration of modern technologies in games, the future of gaming has been worthwhile for investors, developers, and definitely gamers.

The tech innovations like AI in gaming are focused at creating smart – more interactive games for efficient user experiences. Many gamers are working on sharing their games on tik tok and taking them to their streams, they buy tiktok likes and views for more engagement and promote the streamings.

Talking in numbers, the annual revenue for tech gaming apps in 2021 was a 4.4% increase, making more than 180.3 billion USD.

The image below shows a clear segmentation of gaming revenues based on platforms and gaming categories for 2021.

As per research, the industry experienced slow yet consistent growth in 2021, as compared to 2020, with the lowest number of game app releases in the last ten years.

The primary reasons for this were drilled down to consistent lockdown and prevailing work-from-home culture.

Moving on, while we enter 2022 with partially similar yet improved conditions, there is expected to be a surge in the game development industry.

With consistent year-on-year growth, the game industry is expected to go beyond a whopping 200 million by 2022.

Out of which, mobile gaming would bag almost 50% of the entire revenue with a total of $95 billion. This would be followed by $61 billion and $39 billion from Console and PC gaming, respectively.

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