#Malifaux Lower Point Levels with Henchmen

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Gaming
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In the last 24 hours I have put some serious thoughts into running Henchmen as leaders in smaller point games. Typical games in Malifaux tend to be either 40 or 50 soulstones with your leader being free. This leaves the entire amount of points available to spend on models to tie in with the Henchman and that can grab you scenario points.


With a henchman you have access to a less powerful model than a master naturally. You also give up a valuable AP as only Masters have 3AP generally. Masters will generally also have more synergy with more models than a henchman.

So what’s the upsides?

Well as most people generally take a Master you can have a surprise advantage of only throwing down a henchman. This could lead your opponent off his game from what he was expecting to face. As all models are simply pawns in your grand scheme (or they should be) you should be able to adapt your overall plan to cope with the loss. The upside can also be for introductory games and playing against opponents of different levels to you. Purposefully handicapping yourself can provide a quick way to level the playing field. And if you can pull out a victory with a Henchman led crew against an opponent running a Master, well then victory tastes that much sweeter.


I think there could be times when it is fun to run a henchman-led crew. It could be for a story encounter or in conjunction with a campaign. Regardless the open playstyle and crew composition of Malifaux 2.0 allows many different combinations to be tried, tested and enjoyed.


  1. Dr Loxley says:

    I remember back in the days of Wave1 Open Beta me and a few others came up with the idea of using a Neverborn Crew led by Candy (Hench) and comprising of Kade, Iggy & Tavern. It would follow the whole ‘creepy older dude surrounded by little children’ idea. I’ve always thought that aestheticly and thematically this would be awesome even if it sucked in game.

    – Would you ever think of running a tournament that was Henchman focused? Maybe every player had to pick one crew lead by a henchman and a fixed crew pool, and every crew needed to have a story attached as to why they were like they were. If you couldn’t fluff only justify a model it couldn’t fit.

    But having it a Hench lead event would mean the SS cost would be lower and therefore allow for smaller, tighter knitted crews

    …just an idea that I was thinking of before I hung up my own Henching TShirt

    • Bob Mccallum says:

      During the 1st Wave 1 final files we ran a henchman only event – 30SS led to some very hard fought games. getting schemes was essential. However we discovered some inconsistencies between the low res and hi res files.

      Like the idea of the creepy guy with kids. Very cool.

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