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What a year it has been! I started the year with 2 defined resolutions in mind and the mindset to accomplish both. It seemed like 2 simple tasks. I had 365 days to complete them. And what happens? Life! Once again life takes the front seat while hobby time becomes the backseat passenger. And I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

I got married in September so July-October was out for me but even with that I still managed to run 2 large Malifaux tournaments, organise sponsorship and prizes (even if the trophy was slightly late)

Let’s take a look back and see the challenges I set myself:

  1. Play 1 game of every system I own.
  2. Paint 365 points of models for skirmish games.

1. Game Systems

To be fair I kinda left this one a little too late. I managed to play Malifaux, Bushido, Secrets of the Third Reich, Warmachine & Hordes, Guildball and Flames of War. That’s 6 out of 8, 75%. Not bad and considering heading into December I had organised to play 2 games of Dystopian Wars and 2 weeks in a row there was terrible traffic jams caused by road accidents. Dystopian Wars and Epic are definitely on the cards for January so even if I am a month late I would still consider this a successful year of gaming.

2. Skirmish Painting

I have yet to tally up the exact amount of models painted but regardless I managed to attend every tournament I took part in with a fully painted and varied selection of models, some of which only arrived on my desk 2 weeks before said tournament. I would consider this a success too.

So finally the year draws to close but I have already some ideas in mind for next year. As mentioned previously Epic will be big in our community so I am planning a couple of armies for that. Like all recent Die Hard films there is a tagline for next year.

2015: A Good Year for Gaming

  • Epic:Armageddon War Griffons Warhound Titan

New Forgeworld Contemptor

Posted: December 12, 2014 in Gaming

Absolutely stunning model for the Alpha Legion. Still no interest in playing whatsoever.