#Epic #Armageddon Progress

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Painting
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Spurred on by a Facebook group I decided to try and get some more paint on my Epic Armageddon forces. First up was my Emperor’s Children Sicaran battle tank. This is a vehicle recently introduced in 40K lore and stemming from the Horus Heresy. perfect for my Heresy Emperor’s Children. And in support we also have an Emperor’s Children super heavy tank – Fellblade Glaive -still WIP. The Eldar were not left out this weekend as they got some heavy support in the form of a Scorpion grav tank.

  1. Gabriel says:

    Great tanks!
    Are those 3d printed?
    I am actually trying to make some like these for myself. Any good hints on making these?

    • Bob Mccallum says:

      HI Gabriel, They were custom made by a modeller and not for sale, purely for painting and display. There are some great 3D printed options over at Shapeways if you search for 6mm models.

      • Gabriel says:

        Thank you, i’ll search there for inspirations. I’m glad to own a 28mm Sicaran Venator, so getting the right dimensions shouldn’t be the big problem.

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