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Harvey follows a lead

Posted: April 20, 2021 in Gaming, Hobby

As a follow up to today’s run through of the Murder at the Excelsior I tried again. This time I got further and after defeating Mr Trombly I was able to continue to the rooftop and nimbly work my way down to room 212. There I managed to find clues and add them to the locket I discovered earlier.

As the Act resolved I discovered that in fact it was a vengeful spectre haunting the hotel. With the aid of sergeant Monroe I was able to reach room 245 and finally put this spectre to rest.
Case closed.

So today I opted to use not 1, but 2 expansions from Arkham Horror LCG together. I took on the role of Professor Harvey Walters from the recent Investigator Starter decks to explore the standalone adventure, Murder at the Excelsior.The starter decks are a great addition to the game, crafting a decent pre-made deck for the Investigator and also supplying upgrade cards to purchase into your deck as you progress in a campaign. I took all 30 of the base cards for Harvey and had a quick glance. His deck is designed around getting assets out that will help him increase his hand size and some cards will alter their cost or ability based on his hand size. A strong focus on Willpower and Intellect tests is where Harvey shines.

Murder at the Excelsior provides a good standalone adventure but, like the others, can be integrated as a side quest in a campaign. The expansion has a core deck and also 5 other separate sets that will be shuffled in as the adventure continues. This offers a good amount of replayability.

Harvey returned to his locked office at Miskatonic where a cryptic note was left on his desk with a book of matches from the Excelsior Hotel “I have answers. Room 225. Come alone. They’re watching.” Grabbing his coat from behind the door Harvey decides to investigate…

With this being my first time with Harvey and also a new scenario I made some rookie mistakes. I needed to get a bigger hand of cards quickly to make full use of his abilities. Also I interpreted some of the text on the scenario cards incorrectly. With a low combat ability and a slightly better agility he needs to always be evading or trying to sway combat for intellect/willpower tests.

Anyway it all ended for Harvey on the rain-soaked rooftop of the Excelsior, pursued by Mr Trombly, the maddened concierge.

Good times.