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So I managed to squeeze in some hobby time today. Thought my Emperor’s Children could use some much needed support in the form of a Reaver Titan from Legio Fureans (Tiger Eyes).

Lacertus Rex, King Lizard, is a combat-focused reaver with a giant power fist for crushing his enemies up close. His command cockpit has been modified with a snapping jaw, giving him his name. Backed up with a plasma cannon and a turbo laser-destructor mounted on his carapace he can also deal with infantry and vehicles.

Bring forth destruction the false Emperor!

So this weekend I was able to clear my schedule and get some layers down on my first @Guildball team – the Masons. First of all, these models are beautiful, a joy to paint and since they are digitally sculpted every layer is defined and has a hard edge to paint to. This really helps when looking for where robes stop, metal plates join and where straps go under the model etc.

I went with a standard metal with blue cloth offset by dark brown leather straps and clothing, figuring leather will be a very versatile material for these stonecutters. Getting down some base layers reallymade these models pop and I’m sure once finished the will be a lovely crew.

Now, onto my other project – titan support for my Pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children in the form of Collegia Titanica Legio Fureans (Tiger Eyes) The primary colour for these massive engines of war is a yellow with black flames accentuating it. Yellow is quite a difficult colour to get right and priming black did not help in this case. I ended up using a Citadel foundation Iyanden Darksun which mostly covers well over black. Once I was happy with the base I used Wargames Foundry Triad paints for the yellows, basing over the Darksun and then highlighting with the primary colour and edge highlighting with the brightest colour.

Next step will be to do the flames but I want to practice on paper first. I will also shade the metals and give a bit of grime before edging with a brighter metallic colour and add in some plasma colours to the weapon.


The advance scouting drones came back with reports from Syphonia Prime. Their discovery caused an immediate scramble and a titan dropship was dispatched to the co-ordinates identified in the report. Before the dust had settled from the landing pod the salavge team were off. Coming upon the blasted hulking mountain of metal the tech priest accompanying the team slowed his transport and sent out his nooshpere to see if any readings were still be transmitted by the damaged titan. They had discovered Valoris Rex. An ancient Lucius pattern Reaver Titan from the Cockatrices Legio Titanica, Valoris Rex had been thought lost and destroyed. Not so, it seemed.

This Reaver titan was painted initially in 2009 as a support element for my Mantis Warriors Space Marine Chapter as part of a ‘Tale of Painters’ blog. I went with Cockatrices as they are quite a unique colour scheme and complimenting the green and yellow of the Mantis Warriors. However, after painting up 5 titans for Legio Gryphonicus “War Griffons” over the years I decided it was better to repurpose this beautiful model for my current titan legion.

Luckily both legios have a lot of yellow in their colour scheme so it won’t take too much effort to get this titan re-inducted into a new Legio. I will keep the heraldry however to honour it’s original titan legion.