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Call the Marshals

Posted: August 6, 2023 in Gaming, Hobby, Painting
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After the fun of the Henchman Hardcore demo day and seeing how badly my quick build crew was to run (Judge, Jury and 2 death marshals*) I thought I would tie in this month’s ‘Tale of Malifaux Painters’ with building out more options for my Marshals.

I have since stripped my old metal Alt Lady Justice and Miss Terious and built out the remaining marshals (Lone Marshal, Exorcists, Domodores de Cadavres) and am aiming to tackle a good few of them this month.

This at least should some better options for playing Hardcore or even at a full game of Malifaux!

I know it’s a short month with the holidays so I am not going to be too ambitious and I have only signed up to complete 15points of models this month. So far I started Lady J, Miss Terious, The Judge and the Scales of Justice, lady J’s totem. I am going for a worn leather on all the Marshals except for the exorcist who should be in black as befits their status.

* The only ones I had painted

Henchman Hardcore is different from standard Malifaux in the following ways:

  • Encounter Size is 30 Soulstones.
  • Round Time Limit is 45 minutes.
  • Only Henchmen can be chosen as a Crew’s Leader.
  • A Leader’s Cost is not treated as 0 when hiring.
  • A Crew’s Soulstone Pool can never exceed 3 (any excess Soulstones are discarded).
  • Player’s have a maximum hand size of 4.
  • Player Crews must contain exactly 4 models and are fixed for the event, and thus cannot change between games.
  • Leaders have an Action limit of 2 instead of 3.
  • Models cannot be Summoned. If a model would be Summoned, the Summon effect is ignored.
  • The Helping Hand ability listed on Effigy models is ignored.
  • VP from Strategies may be scored during Turn 1.
  • Encounters are predetermined:
  • Deployment: Wedge
  • Strategy: Plant Explosives, as listed in GG0. • Schemes: Vendetta & Assassinate