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Call the Marshals

Posted: August 6, 2023 in Gaming, Hobby, Painting
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After the fun of the Henchman Hardcore demo day and seeing how badly my quick build crew was to run (Judge, Jury and 2 death marshals*) I thought I would tie in this month’s ‘Tale of Malifaux Painters’ with building out more options for my Marshals.

I have since stripped my old metal Alt Lady Justice and Miss Terious and built out the remaining marshals (Lone Marshal, Exorcists, Domodores de Cadavres) and am aiming to tackle a good few of them this month.

This at least should some better options for playing Hardcore or even at a full game of Malifaux!

I know it’s a short month with the holidays so I am not going to be too ambitious and I have only signed up to complete 15points of models this month. So far I started Lady J, Miss Terious, The Judge and the Scales of Justice, lady J’s totem. I am going for a worn leather on all the Marshals except for the exorcist who should be in black as befits their status.

* The only ones I had painted

So I am finally getting a chance to introduce some new folks to the wonderful world of Malifaux M3E. And what’s more, we are going on a road trip to the hallowed halls of Beasts of War!!

I have packed a metric ton of boards, markers, models, fate decks and assorted other paraphernalia to help these newbies to play one of the best systems currently out there.

I have been beavering away, sorting out crews, sleeving cards, printing cards ( I had to even write a Java application to split PDFs to read them into my image editor software but that’s another story) and painting up a whole heap of models to get ready.

To that end I have decided to paint up a crew that I have loved since early M2E – The Crossroads Seven. I have even signed up the to Malifaux Painters Blog to try and carry on my enthusiasm.

So far I have finished Wrath (started during Lockdown using the Contrast paints from GW) and carried on with Envy, Gluttony, Pride and Greed. Up next are Lust and Sloth. I have also completed the Carrion Emissary and primed my Shadow Emissary ready for Amy first attempt at colouring using my airbrush (purchased circa 2015 ish)

This has really lit a spark under me and I am eagerly awaiting next weekend. Get ready for photo overload!


Just. Wow.

So for my latest formation I decided to paint up a full formation of Striking Scorpions Aspect Warriors. This allows me to field a full formation (with 2 Exarchs or Autarchs) of Scorpions or mix and match with my existing Aspect Warriors – Gotta love Eldar cheese.

So with these guys I wanted a bright and vivid green like they used to be displayed in. I never understood why a highly specialised infiltrating warrior would be decked out in bright green armour. Regardless I stayed true to fluff. Wurm green was applied over a white base. A Wargames Foundry Yellow highlight was drybrushed over and a watered down Army painter Green wash applied to add some shadow. P3 Jack bone was given to weapons followed by a highlight of P3 Mentoh White and a Army painter Soft tone wash applied. The purple helmets was Vallejo and a bit of white added to highlight. A mid brown base and flock/sand mixture added to the base.

Pretty happy with the results.

I also managed another greater daemon of Slaanesh over the weekend. My latest one is blue and is beside one I painted 10+ years ago. Not a bad comparison.

So this weekend I was able to clear my schedule and get some layers down on my first @Guildball team – the Masons. First of all, these models are beautiful, a joy to paint and since they are digitally sculpted every layer is defined and has a hard edge to paint to. This really helps when looking for where robes stop, metal plates join and where straps go under the model etc.

I went with a standard metal with blue cloth offset by dark brown leather straps and clothing, figuring leather will be a very versatile material for these stonecutters. Getting down some base layers reallymade these models pop and I’m sure once finished the will be a lovely crew.

Now, onto my other project – titan support for my Pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children in the form of Collegia Titanica Legio Fureans (Tiger Eyes) The primary colour for these massive engines of war is a yellow with black flames accentuating it. Yellow is quite a difficult colour to get right and priming black did not help in this case. I ended up using a Citadel foundation Iyanden Darksun which mostly covers well over black. Once I was happy with the base I used Wargames Foundry Triad paints for the yellows, basing over the Darksun and then highlighting with the primary colour and edge highlighting with the brightest colour.

Next step will be to do the flames but I want to practice on paper first. I will also shade the metals and give a bit of grime before edging with a brighter metallic colour and add in some plasma colours to the weapon.


Spurred on by a Facebook group I decided to try and get some more paint on my Epic Armageddon forces. First up was my Emperor’s Children Sicaran battle tank. This is a vehicle recently introduced in 40K lore and stemming from the Horus Heresy. perfect for my Heresy Emperor’s Children. And in support we also have an Emperor’s Children super heavy tank – Fellblade Glaive -still WIP. The Eldar were not left out this weekend as they got some heavy support in the form of a Scorpion grav tank.

The advance scouting drones came back with reports from Syphonia Prime. Their discovery caused an immediate scramble and a titan dropship was dispatched to the co-ordinates identified in the report. Before the dust had settled from the landing pod the salavge team were off. Coming upon the blasted hulking mountain of metal the tech priest accompanying the team slowed his transport and sent out his nooshpere to see if any readings were still be transmitted by the damaged titan. They had discovered Valoris Rex. An ancient Lucius pattern Reaver Titan from the Cockatrices Legio Titanica, Valoris Rex had been thought lost and destroyed. Not so, it seemed.

This Reaver titan was painted initially in 2009 as a support element for my Mantis Warriors Space Marine Chapter as part of a ‘Tale of Painters’ blog. I went with Cockatrices as they are quite a unique colour scheme and complimenting the green and yellow of the Mantis Warriors. However, after painting up 5 titans for Legio Gryphonicus “War Griffons” over the years I decided it was better to repurpose this beautiful model for my current titan legion.

Luckily both legios have a lot of yellow in their colour scheme so it won’t take too much effort to get this titan re-inducted into a new Legio. I will keep the heraldry however to honour it’s original titan legion.

#Epic #WIP Aspect Warriors

Posted: January 8, 2015 in Painting

Now I’m positive this is so far from sub-optimal but I just love Warp Spiders, the Howling banshees and Dark Reapers were close to hand when rummaging through the bits I had bought on eBay so I started with them. This will be another 325 points added to my Epic Eldar which will bring the total to 675 points for the month. With a game planned for tonight I hope to get these aspects finished at the weekend.

I debated whether to paint them in their standard aspect colours, use the craftworld colous or a combination of both. I settled on a combination as an be seen on the dark reapers. I will use their standard aspect colours where appropriate but will bring in the purple helmets and bone weapons where I can. Think it works ok.

So 5 days in and 350 points of 1 Epic force assembled, painted and based. Not bad. Guardian Formation and transports completed. These were the first epic models I had painted in 5 years but by the end I was getting back into the way of things with extreme highlighting to make the effects noticeable from a distance. Looking forward to painting some Aspect Warriors next.

Also tonight is our first club night of the new year. Going to get my Malifaux fix for the week. Thinking Molly this week for some fun (and the new plastic Rogue Necromancy ­čśë )

Post #M2GT Blues

Posted: November 14, 2014 in Gaming, Hobby, Painting
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So after a frentic few weeks getting the last models I needed ready for the Malifaux UK GT #M2GT it seems a bit of a lull now. But not for long as we have Nordicon 3 – the 3rd Nordicon to look forward to. And this time I get to play! Trophies are already purchased, prize pool is being collected and this weekend I will attempt to design some counters to give as goodie bag support.

In the lead up to #M2GT I managed to paint:

2 Samurai
2 Tengu
Dawn Serpent
Shadow Effigy

Now, granted they are not all finished but are at least base┬ácoloured and look respectable on the tabletop. Will have to see how far that takes me to completing my New Year’s Resolution.

Added to all this in the background I have started #ProjectBrown – the┬ábayou project. With 2 masters for Gremlins now I thought I really should get the models assembled and painted and prepare to┬áplay a few games.