TOMB: There and Back again, Lilith, a slow-grow journey

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Tale of Malifaux Bloggers
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With a spring in my step and a smile on my face I’m happy to finally announce that I am using Lilith in our global-spanning quest for world domination. Wait, what? Sorry, wrong blog. So yes, a group of Malifaux podcasters and bloggers have gotten together and decided to revive the old “A Tale of…”

What is “A Tale of…”? I hear you ask! Well, it all started a long time ago, like most stories do, in the mists of time when boys were small and White Dwarf was a respected gaming magazine. 4 writers for White Dwarf got together and decided to keep track of their new and fledging armies as they bought, painted and played with their forces each month. They each had a budget which they used to buy extra units for their forces and Little Timmy reading at home could do exactly the same as them (or just buy a whole army in 1 fell swoop because Little Timmy’s parents over indulged the spoilt little brat).

The “A Tale of…” can be used for various game systems and model ranges and this is where “TOMB: Tale of Malifaux Bloggers” comes into play. We knew that people new to Malifaux would need somewhere to come to read up on what others have done, see what options they have and (in my case) what failures they have made along the way, playing and gaming with their crews.

Malifaux lends itself well to this format. The starting price point we have is $60 which will cover an initial investment in a crew box set and a deck of cards. Each crew box will generally have a thematic core set, providing a Master, usually a henchman and a totem and some other models that are useful with the Master’s playstyle.

Each month after the first we have another $25 to spend on models. We can freely decide what to buy, save up for a larger purchase next month or get something new each month. So, with that here’s my 1st month’s spend:

  1. Lilith, Mother of Monsters – $40

This gives me $40 spent and $20 to bank for next month. With this crew box set I get Lilith, Master of Malifaux and her henchman, Barbaros, a gladiator-style Nephilim. Lilith’s totem, a symbol of her power, flutters by her side in the shape of a Cherub. And her ‘children’ – 3 terror tots to help achieve her plans in Malifaux. The arsenal box provides a full of set of stat cards for all models released in the first wave of Malifaux 2nd edition. The reason I bought this is that even though all new models come with new cards for 2nd edition if I get the chance to buy any models cheap on ebay from 1st edition I will have cards to use them in 2nd edition. It’s a future investment for the faction and my crew.

I am tying this blog together with a slow grow league we are running in my local gaming group so for the next few weeks the core set will do me just fine as we are playing small soulstone levels for a few weeks. In small games it is usual for the henchman to lead the crew rather than a master. Last week seen Barbaros, Lilith’s henchman take on Ototo of the Ten Thunders in a Turf War.

The game was a lot of fun, the terror tots made good use of terrain to scamper forward with their Sprint ability (move, flip a card, if it’s a Mask, move again), sometimes cheating in a low mask when I really wanted some speed. Barbaros himself is not fast but his additional Nimble ability allows him to get a free walk which more than makes up for his 4″ movement.

Black Blood on all Nephilim models means that even if they are engaged they can be a threat as each damage they take they dish out 1 damage to all non-nephilim around them. In the end it came down to Ototo failing to heal himself and a sneakity little terror tot stabbed him in the knee to kill him and get the Assassinate scheme.

10-6 victory in my first outing. 2nd round tomorrow night.

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