Malifaux Slow Grow League

Posted: February 1, 2014 in Gaming

So this week we started our Slow Grow League at Dragonslayers club. Was a very good turn out with 6 players deciding to join in. The Slow-Grow is meant to be an encouragement for new players to pick up a starter box and get playing ASAP, learning the rules, game interactions and what their models are capable of by playing smaller games.

We went with very small games – 20 soulstones a side – which means that crews are led by their henchmen. This keeps the powerful masters off the board so new players are not overwhelmed by these models.

There was quite a showing from the Guild this week with The Judge leading 2 crews, Franscisco leading the Ortegas and Hoffman (I know, the only master on the board) leading some constructs on an expedition. In the other game we had Otototototototo and his Torakage facing down Barbaros and some Nephilim.

Let’s hope for more of the same in future games. I plan to keep the soulstone level small for the next few weeks and then introduce masters.


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