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Posted: March 5, 2014 in Hobby, Tale of Malifaux Bloggers
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So some of you may notice that I have not used the current plastic model for Lilith in my #ToMB project. There are 2 reasons for this. Well, actually there’s 1 reason for this if I’m being honest. The original Lilith model is still one of my favourite models in the game.

Yes, she does have an oriental feel to her. Yes, she is wearing thigh-high boots with stockings and little else. And yes, she is twiddling a finger through her hair while resting a giant bad-ass sword on 1 shoulder. All of these things add together to make it a model that exudes confidence, killyness and cool. All of these things embody what Lilith is in the fluff and in the game. She is the Master of Malifaux. The land bends to her will and she will use it to exact her vengeance. And yes, if you get within range she will use her blade to great effect.

It’s true the new plastic model has similar aspects but nothing says cool than a lady twirling a finger through her hair and then decapitating you. As for the painting I started off with a black undercoat and used an airbrush to prime most of the model with GW Dawnstone through an airbrush. The airbrush allows me to apply thin layers of paint and then to get overspray to get a gradient effect on parts of the model –  the coat in particular. I have used purple on the model to tie in with the rest of my Neverborn models and will also use some green as many of my Neverborn models have green as well. I have been experimenting with glazes and used that to give a purple glaze to the inside of the coat. I will also apply some dust to the coat using a glaze method.

The boots were airbrushed with the grey but 2 washes of black have created a nice highlight and depth to them. I’m debating on using varnish to make them shiny or not. Her hair has been given a base layer of terracotta before an ink of nut brown. This, I realised may have been a mistake as it dried shiny. A wash of dark brown helped tone down the shine and a final drybrush of red brought out the tips and highlighted the raised areas. The sword and boot tops were base coated with a dark metal mixed with some matte medium. The medium dulls down the metallic paint flecks while still giving some shine. I much prefer this technique than a straight application of metal paint.

Also in the picture is Lucius, the Governor’s Secretary, the right-hand man of the Guild Leadership. It’s true he’s Guild through and through but this character definitely has his own agenda.

YMMV but for me the original model of Lilith still wins out.

  • Lilith and Lucius work in progress

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