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Posted: March 4, 2014 in General, Podcasts
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So the latest episode of the D6Generation (ep 142) has Mack Martin on as the guest 3rd chair. Here Mack talks Malifaux, general gaming and Wyrd’s next big thing.

For those unaware Mack is a heavy hitter in the RPG development industry with Warhammer 40K RPG and Dust Tactics tabletop game credited to him. He later joined Wyrd and began the Through the Breach (TTB) roleplay game set in the Wyrd universe and helped out with the development of Malifaux 2.0 (M2E).

He dropped the bombshell that he is starting work on an army-scale wargame called Ruined Planet. What is an army-scale wargame? According to Mack it will be between 30-40 up to 150 models per side. He has stated that Malifaux will not be an army game.

  • Hard Sci-Fi game
  • Rulebook and 2 faction books done
  • 1st draft written over Xmas break 2013
  • Eric had the concepts in place and Mack is filling in the gaps
  • Background includes pandemic on earth forcing people to flee to space
  • Potential for 6/7 factions and sketches for them for launch
  • Mack has had this idea for years and can be seen in past interviews on the white board behind him
  • Pandemic background seems very filled out. Very bio-organic
  • Challenges for upping model count. Wyrd very committed to the project.
  • Dice based game, not cards
  • Battle Builder from Dust Warfare will influence the new game
  • Organised play is a big feature
  • Players can influence the storyline by winning organised play events
  • Alternate Activation
  • Response tokens to help act out of turn
  • Self-balancing mechanic similar to Bushido
  • Units can resupply themselves
  • LOS not true LOS but is abstracted
  • Very scenario-specific

It sounds a lot of fun but as a gamer that loves skirmish level games I can’t see me buying into it. If the models look nice I may consider a model or two. But best of luck for Mack and the guys at Wyrd.

  1. Dr Loxley says:

    This is very very interesting news.

    I remember around GenCon 2013 with the reveals of Jetpack Unicorn, Kingdoms and Showdown whether or not Wyrd were spreading themselves too thinly.

    It was explained that because a good proportion of these games were developed and designed outside of Wyrd that it did not impact on them.

    Now we’re throwing an in house developed army scale wargame into the mix, it makes me wonder what sort of an effect this will have to a team that couple possibly be hitting outside of their league as a result.

    Re: the game itself, I’m sorry to say that this is not something I’ll be following at all. It’s not the scale or the design or any of that. It’s the creator himself.

    While I know this has nothing to do with the game itself, I find Mr Martin’s online presence be it podcasts or forums; to be offensive, condescending and patronising and for that reason alone I will not pay for anything with his name on.

  2. Bob Mccallum says:

    Did you give M2E much of a go? We have found that compared to 1.5 the game feels more balanced even though I understand many people don’t feel it’s the same game as 1.5.


    • Dr Loxley says:

      I was in the Wave 1 Closed Beta, and to begin with I was able to overlook a lot of what I didn’t like (I’m a narrative player who shys away from tournament/competitive play). I found that the game itself was ‘tighter’ but also more competitive focused.

      The problem I found was that my experiences of Mr Martin coloured my experience and now it doesn’t matter how great the game may have become post closed beta, I just can’t get past my -personal- dislike of that one person.

      Put that together with my dislike of competitive play, it’s just not something I’m all that interested in now.
      – however it did give me the kick up the bum I needed to start work on my own tabletop game, so it’s not all bad 🙂

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