Malifaux Wave 2 New Files 15/10/13

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Gaming

So Justin has went and done it. The latest set of changes have been released for Malifaux Wave 2. A summary of changes can be found attached.

This is the link to ZIP file

Looking forward to trying out the Hunter and the Warden with some Guild Masters. Looks like the hunter can finally be useful. The same goes for the Exorcist. With Wk going from 3″ to 5″ he has got a speed burst and looks pretty useful in a Justice crew or any crews going against the Resurrectionists.

Also of note is the slight point increase on the Drowned. These guys are going to be a good summoning choice for Molly crews with their Wrapped in chains ability giving them essentially +2DF in Ml and Resilient to give them better than Armor+2 since this does not get negated by abilities which ignore armor.

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