Game: viks vs Lucas McCabe

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Gaming

In a Reckoning on a relatively cluttered board we set up facing each other. McCabe with the guilds best tech against the Viks with a hodgepodge of recruits after soul stones and payment.

Protect Territory
Plant Evidence
Cursed Object


Vik of Ash
Vik of Blood
Void Wretch
Desperate Merc
Student of Conflict

Lucas McCabe – Starngemetal Shirt, Glowing Sabre, Invigorated by Adventure
Lone Marshall – Lead Lined Coat
2 Riflemen

With a small crew my idea was to have as few models as possible available to be killed each turn to minimise the points earned by Mark. It was a trial list to see how McCabe could hold up (he did great with regen 2, Armor 2 and 15 wounds between mounted and dismounted). With the opposing right flank loosely held a quick shift by all models sent them to hold the centre and advance on the right, luring Johan up and atacking and paralyzing him with McCabe. The specialist promtly removed it and for his trouble was targetted by a rifleman and in turn 2 was pulled into base contact with the Peacekeeper.

The void wretch attacked and buried Taelor after giving her Fast. I was in no position to kill anything as Taelor would pop out immediately. With the sisters sweeping round the left flank a Dragon’s Bite from Vik of Ash and a follow up attcak from Blood killed the Lone Marshall who was a bit concerned when Taelor popped out. The austringer sent his raptor to hit the Student for 2 wounds.

Taelor ran into the Warden thinking him a soft target but with a Grinding defense was able to only inflict 2 damage.

Turn 3 saw the the specialist on 1 wound give a cursed object to the Peacekeeper before being killed by the Warden. he blew up giving the Warden, taelor, the Peacekeeper and a rifleman Burining +2. Mccabe finished off a dying Johan and placed a scheme marker before throwing Regen +2 onto the Peacekeeper. Taelor charged the Peacekeeper and took him down to 3 wounds. The rest of the Outcasts moved forward and dropped scheme markers. Vik of Blood finished off the Peacekeeper. Vik of Ash was taken down 3 wounds by a rifleman.

Turn 4 seen Vik of Blood charge McCabe and just fail to kill him even with Red Joker damage on the last attack. McCabe repaid the favour by knocking Blood down to 2 wounds. Vik of Ash killed the Austringer.

In the final turn Vik of Blood unseated McCabe from his horse but by then it was too late. A quick thrust with his sabre and he walked over to claim a marker for Plant Evidence. Taelor failed to kill the last Rifleman and he finished her off scoring a Strategy point for the Guild.

Final score: 6-4 win for Outcasts.

  • Set up

  • Turn 1 – Advancement

  • Turn 2 – the action

  • Woods for Trees?

  • The Final marker

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