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So Imperial Assault – first up thanks to those who braved night 1. After a shaky start bringing all the little rules together we all got running quite smoothly.

I have to say I enjoyed it and found it surprisingly good.

The initial map was deceptively small. The mission quite simple and the imperial force appeared quite small.

The team quickly realised that appearances are deceptive.

With heroes having good much broader skills and options as well as significantly more health one could think the odds very much in their favour.

The Imperial force however packs quite a punch , even the spy droid carries a hefty punch. One quick notice was the Imperial defence. Rolling a much better odds on black. Presumably accounting for military training (we noticed the Rebel Trooper had this too)

While heroes can ‘flip’ their downed character for a second chance, they can also rest to recover wounds and stress. They can also take stress to perform special feats. Significantly more life than the average Trooper of the Empire. But the Empire gains threat points every round allowing reinforcements to be summoned.

The players tonight fought their way violently through the imperial patrol towards the becon station. But before they reached the door a re enforcement squad of troopers emerged from the forest. Thankfully they were cut down quickly. Though the imperial Officer was still shooting even as the bloodied heroes blew the doors wide open.

Sirens cried as they stormed inside the base to be met with a surprise. The base staff themselves. With a huge cannon right in their faces a couple of characters found their sheets flipping as the damaged piled on.

Two terminals down and the signal still broadcasting the heroes now faced the main control room filled with Troopers and another officer. A brave charge went out and while the Troopers dished out some harm they still met their doom, but their departure only hearalded yet another squad coming up from the Lowe level. Blaster shots flew in all directions, the heroes resorted to blasting the terminals in the last to action phases. Very bruised and with more than a few wounds the signal was in the very last roll silenced. Victory to the Rebels as the Empire fell back.

While licking their wounds they discover the signal was nothing more than a trap! Some vital Intel earned and some Xp the victors headed home on board their shuttle, ready to face the next threat…..

There was tension, cinematic feeling and some good old heroics. All in all a good session.