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So tonight I got home from work early and decided to crack out this great little game. With the latest expansion on the way I wanted to get back into the feel of the game.

The base game involves investigation around Arkham Museum as the investigators go on adventures and try to achieve Elder Signs in an attempt to seal the gates and prevent a Great Old One from destroying Arkham, and consequently, the world.

Each turn an investigator will pick an adventure, whether it’s ‘Don’t go near the Windows’ in the dinosaur exhibit or a visit to the Koi Pond. Each adventure will have a series of objectives, achieved by rolling dice and matching symbols. Each successful roll will help you achieve victory. Failing will result in penalties to your stamina or sanity and can even increase the Doom Track to bring the Great Old One out. Succeeding at an adventure will gain items, spells and unique abilities to help in the fight.

After every adventure the clock is advanced 3 hours until Midnight strikes. At midnight a new Mythos card is flipped and it’s affects will last for the following day. Some can be good but most are bad for investigators with monsters turning up to spoil the fun.

Tonight I played a solo game with 3 adventurers battling to prevent Hastur, The King in Yellow from emerging. After some initial success the adventures became more difficult but i was still racking up the occasional Elder Sign while gaining some key spells and common items (dynamite adds 2 special dice to your dice pool for the round).

Finally Dexter Drake opened a portal directly to Ry’leh. With 10 Elder Signs already Dexter knew a last gamble would gain him 3 more but it would not be easy. Gambling all (dynamite and having a clue token available to re roll any or all dice) he went for it. Gaining enough for the first line Dexter braced himself and rolled again – Lore,Attack but no Terror. A re roll later and 4 dice came to rest with a Terror symbol showing! Dexter and the team had done it and no one would ever know their plight.

Great game and more importantly a quick game.