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Posted: March 19, 2015 in Gaming
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Well last weekend seen our annual trip to Cork on the South West coast of Ireland for Paddyfaux, so-called as it is run over the St Patrick’s Weekend street party in Cork. Hosted by the great Mike Foreman and held in the luxurious Imperial Hotel in Cork the event is always a lot of fun and highly anticipated event in our gaming calendar.

Day 1

Setting off from Belfast it took just under 5 hours to reach our destination and that even included rush hour traffic in the one-way system of Cork’s main streets. Some of our friends from the United States made the trip across the Atlantic for the event and we met up with them in the family-run bar of the host Mike. Dan Lowrey’s Bar is a great location serving fantastic local ales and ciders and with wonderful home-cooked food it really is worth the trip. Sitting down with a few pints of Chieftain IPA we caught up with the Americans, Tera and her husband George, over a few bowls of traditional Irish stew. Then it was back to the hotel for gaming.

Our Americans brought some gaming goodness from their game store Mastermind Miniatures and Models which included a lot of X-Wing ships for the guys and some Cthulhu expansions for me. We broke out Luchaodr Mexican Wrestling Dice, played some Munchkin Loot Letter and snacked on authentic american jerky! It’s all good!

Day 2 

The matchings were drawn for the first round and I would be facing George with his Gremlins on a swamp board. The Strategy was Reconnoiter which is perfect for summoning Gremlins with Som’er Teeth Jones. Thankfully he didn’t take slop haulers meaning any gremlins summoned would be on half wounds and easier to kill. It still meant I would have to take a minion heavy crew and this led me to use Lucius who can use his commanding presence to make his minions perform better. A nicely placed pathfinder ensured Rami would be taken out early and should be a nuisance with summoned traps. An austringer was placed to threaten most of the board from turn 2 while 2 terror tots would be scheme runners down the flank. By turn 3 I had achieved everything I needed and the game ended 10-1.

Game 2 matched me against a regular opponent Mark in Squatters Rights. Knowing he would be taking Perdita with the ability to make traps interact I had to take Lucius again in order to gain access to traps and the pathfinder. Taking Mr Graves for mobility I placed Bodyguard on him and dropped my pathfinder right beside his Trapper. Initiative turn 1 would be a crucial part in the game. Unluckily he won, shot my pathfinder dead and controlled that side of the board. It didn’t help that Graves died turn 2 but not before splashing Black Blood on Lucius who died turn 3 giving him Assassinate. In the end it was a solid 10-5 victory but I would like to think I played my game and gave him some thought in his actions. Bloody death marshals!

Game 3 was a rematch vs Matt O’Brien and his Hamelin crew in Reckoning. I switched to Lilith for this gam and took Nekima, Mature Nephilim and Barbaros in this game. Was a closely fought match and cost us a lot of soulstones and cards. Matt just managed to pip me 6-5. I had Entourage on Nekima who died to Bishop but not before softening him up. In hindisght maybe keeping Entourage hidden and just running Lilith into the deployment zone may have been better. Food for though.

After some tidying up it was back to Dan Lowrey’s for more pintage, some craic, chats about the day’s games and then food. We ended up in a Japanese restaurant, Wabisabi, which was fantastic. They readily changed the layout to suit or large group, brought Jasmine tea for us all and were on hand to help with any issues. The food was stunning too. The Steak with Ramen in soup was to die for. Onto The Abbot for some more beers! This bar is quaint and possibly unique in that all bottled beers and ciders are in a large fridge in front of the bar. This means you can ponder and decide what you will have next without getting in the way of the bar staff. Once you have made your selection, pop it on the bar, pay for it and the barman will open it and hand you a glass if needed. I went for a Black IPA. With more than a hint of liquorice it was very palatable.


Day 3

A new opponent for my first game on Day 3 was Jimmy Murphy, the local Ophelia player for Turf War. Corner deployment on a dense desert board and I thought I should run Lynch. First time with him and a blast! He is a bit squishy but the Hungering Darkness more than makes up for that. Casting Expert meant I was able to walk Rami off a high building and leave him in a very open position. The rest of the game Huggy just became a more of a nuisance while my tot and silurid did their schemes. It really helps to be able to cheat an Ace of Masks and pull it back for either sprint or defensive stance. We ran out of time and so it ended 8-1 to me.

By Game 5 I was sitting mid table and managed to get a bye for the last round. This put me effectively on 3 wins and 2 losses and my VP differential ensured I took 3rd place. So Mike and I settled down to defeat a Great Old One in Elder Sign. And we did!

So with the final game finishing the results were totalled and Mike Marchal (Le Jerk) took the top spot with Mark Byrne and myself in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Best in Faction awards were handed out (I took Best Neverborn) and the Mr Tannen award for bad luck was given to George who managed to fall down the stairs in The Abbot.

With that all done, goodbyes were said and we made the 4 hour trip home. Great event and good times.


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