NORDICON – Upcoming Tournament

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Gaming

Nordicon is a joint effort with Lisburn Gaming Club and Queen’s Dragonslayers to bring a plethora of tabletop wargames together and have a great weekend. So far we have Flames of War, 40K, Infinity and Malifaux all on the bill for the event.

Please find the rulespack for the Malifaux tournament below.


  • 3 rounds Fixed Master, Fixed Faction
  • 50SS games
  • 25SS core list must be used in all games.
  • Each round will be the same Strategy and Scheme Pools for all competitors
  • Wave 1 and Wave 2 models allowed
  • Wave 2 must use the latest available rules update
  • All models must be fairly represented for proxies
  • Printed copies of Wave 2 stats/upgrades must be used

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