Mei Feng vs Viktoria

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Gaming

Last night seen a good match up – testing out wave 2 Arcanist models with Mei Feng with a central theme around burning, either models that cause it or models that get buffed by it.

50SS Squatters Rights
Schemes available:
Plant Explosives
Protect Territory
A Line in the Sand

Mei Feng – 5SS, Imbued Protection, Vapormancy, Seismic Claws
The Captain Imbued Protection, Imbued Energies
3 Union Miners
3 Fire Gamin
Large Arachnid

Vik of Ash – 4SS
Vik of Blood

Turn 1 seen the Arcanists line up on the centre-to-left flank with a large arachnid staring down at Bishop and Hans. Some hesitant movement from the Fire Gamin and miners and the Captain airbursted a miner further up the field before laying a Wind Wall in the middle of the board. Hans climbed into position staring down the length of the board. Vik of Ash sprinted across to the ruined temple with Bishop in supoort. This left the gunsmith who managed to walk and sight down Vik and with explosive ammo on a negative flip got double severe damage for 6 wounds. A prevention flip healed 1 wound.

Turn 2 opened with another salvo from the gunsmith who took out Vik of Ash and lost the Viks their Entourage (Unannounced). Pushing up the fire gamin flipped some objectives and held the centre, threatening the lone Ronin in the centre of the board. The specialist aimed at the Fire Gamin who took 1 damage point and in return took a Burning point for his trouble. Vik of Blood charged into the centre and killed all 3 Fire Gamin but took 6 burning for it. Mei Feng finished her off with a jumping jackhammer kick.

The union miners were throwing out scheme markers to help with Protect Territory (Announced) and placed some markers for Plant Explosives (Unannounced). Hans sighted 1 miner and took 5 wounds off him! He was going to be hiding for the rest of the game.

Turn 3 seen Bishop charge Mei Feng and take her down 2 wounds using her WP as defense and not allowing her to Leap Aside. She in return took Vapormancy twice on him bypassing his DF trigger. The specialist who had been given Fast by the Student seen it was hopeless and tried to get Mei feng as much as possible but managed to hit Bishop twice and take down a lot of wounds on him. The Captain pulled Mei Feng out of danger but couldn’t target the Ronin leaving the Ronin open to a salvo from the gunsmith.

On the far side Hans was tied up with the large arachnid but Johan walked up and swung his hammer, connecting for 1wd (on Armor+3). The Ronin was within range by the end of the turn to declare Plant Explosives and earn 1pt from it.

Turn 4 was a consolidation from the Arcanists with mei Feng moving out of range of the specialist. Bishop walked then charged Mei Feng and took her down to 3 wounds on a Red Joker damage flip. She prevented 1wd and was sitting on 3. The miners ganged up on Bishop and took his remaining wound. The arachnid attacked and butchered Hans and with that, the fight was over.

Final score: 8-0 Arcanists.

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