#Malifaux #ToMB: Month 2

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Tale of Malifaux Bloggers
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So with Month 1 done, Month 2 rolls round. With my $20 from last month banked I now have $45 to spend this month. There are plenty of options open to Lilith but as I want to utilise the Nephilim part of the Neverborn faction there is only 1 logical choice for my next spend:

And there’s $5 left in the bank for next month. This box contains 3 models, not as much as the starter box but let’s have a look inside. The 3 models are:

  1. 2 Young Nephilim
  2. 1 Mature Nephilim
  3. All the cards required

They are quite big models as well! The young nephilim are based on 40mm bases and the huge Mature Nephilim is on a 50mm base with his monstrous wings extending behind him. On a matter of note I used tiny magnets on the wings so that they can be attached and unattached quickly which really helps storage.

Why Monsters?
Lilith and the Nephilim have access to an upgrade – Rapid Growth – which allows Terror Tots from Lilith’s base set to kill a model in range and immediately grow themselves into a Young Nephilim. This means for a 4SS you can get rid of an enemy model and replace your model with a 6SS model. This is perfect when combined with the For the Brood trigger on young nephilim, mature nephilim and Lilith and Barbaros. This all helps to get more back for your crew than you initially invested.

I am really looking forward to building and painting these models.

  • Nephilim box

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