Life through a Lens – Part 2

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Hobby
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My lenses arrived yesterday and even with questionable translations instructions on the packet I was able to get it attached.

Basically it boils down to:

  1. Take sticky wrapper off metallic ring and stick to phone
  2. Attach lens of choice

I think IKEA could do with these concise instructions. My only issue was that the metallic ring covers the flash on the phone. That was when I realised why they supplied different backing rings, including one with a slice cut out to accommodate the flash on an iPhone. These guys think of everything!

Anyway, the results. Given that I am under pressure to get a lot of models finished for this weekend I took a quick shot of a WIP Governor’s Proxy/Scribe for Malifaux.


  • Before adding a macro lens

  • Adding a macro lens

  1. Mark says:

    After seeing the these sample pics I’m not sure if I will get these.

  2. Bob Mccallum says:

    Granted these are a quick snap but the clarity of the picture with the macro can be seen. A steady hand or a tripod may help significantly.

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