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Posted: January 12, 2015 in Gaming

So Friday seen the first geek night at our place this year. On the table we had Zombicide, Luchador and Titcket to Ride Europe and some fresh blood who had not played any of the games, other who had played some and me, the gaming Buddah who had played them all. The BBQ meats had been eaten, the beers were cold and the Doritos were open. Let the carnage commence…

We started with Zombicide, everyone using the iOS app to keep a record of their characters. We played scenario 4 which involved walking down a main street with 2 large buildings either side. We needed to get objectives in each building then escape through a spawning point.

With an abomination spawned early on we were hard pressed to achieve victory and when a second showed up it was all over. As the pics show we had 1 Abomination coming each way for us. Good times! We would suck so much in The Walking Dead.

Next up was some light relief in the form of Luchador – Mexican Wrestling Dice. Now, we did some alpha testing on this 2 years ago and I am so pleased that I backed the Kickstarter for version 2. The game has come on leaps and bounds over the years and the new version has updated rules for tag teams, royal rumbles and special moves for your wrestlers. Great game.

To round out the night we played a 3-way Ticket to Ride Europe. Again another new game for 1 of our party but he soon got to grips with the rules and we were merrily on our way building railroads across Europe, racing for our destinations. A battle around Brussels and Paris erupted but a convenient placement of a station ensured I punched my ticket and scored big points heading North East towards Moscow and beyond.

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