#Epic #WIP Aspect Warriors

Posted: January 8, 2015 in Painting

Now I’m positive this is so far from sub-optimal but I just love Warp Spiders, the Howling banshees and Dark Reapers were close to hand when rummaging through the bits I had bought on eBay so I started with them. This will be another 325 points added to my Epic Eldar which will bring the total to 675 points for the month. With a game planned for tonight I hope to get these aspects finished at the weekend.

I debated whether to paint them in their standard aspect colours, use the craftworld colous or a combination of both. I settled on a combination as an be seen on the dark reapers. I will use their standard aspect colours where appropriate but will bring in the purple helmets and bone weapons where I can. Think it works ok.

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