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Posted: April 3, 2014 in Hobby, Storage
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Recently I have had to rearrange all my toys and downsize to co-habitation with my future missus. This means that my vast array of toys in my 3 bedroon gamer’s paradise has had to be sold, sorted and re-stored in a much smaller area.

I have discovered many an old collection of models, from Thousand Sons Terminators converted from regular plastic terminators to Flames of War Panzergrenadiers and tanks half built lying around in shoe boxes. I had a large amount of Forgeworld resin miniatures for Epic:Armageddon that managed to get whittled down significantly on eBay but still I have 4 full races to play with sitting in boxes.

So this has led me to question my storage options and possible solutions. Over the years I have used almost exclusively Games Workshop’s cases and, while suitable for the task, were never very inspiring. Yes, they do come in a range of colours and in 2 different sizes (small and large) and they have since the creation of Apocalypse come out with a giant version.

Like most gamers I like to sort my collections into meaningful sections – all my Bushido models together, my Epic:Armageddon Chaos needs a tray to themselves etc and it’s just a nice warm feeling inside to open a case, look through the painted models all arranged in a nice and complete set. So let’s see what options are out there for a gamer like me:

Games Workshop Cases

So as of the date of this post there are 2 cases available from Games Workshop. The Figure case – a 3 layer foam hard shell case (£36) and the Army Figure case – double the size for 6 layers of foam in a hard shell (£61.50). Both come in a choice of colours as long as it’s black. Each foam tray has space for 36 28mm scale models. The foam can be custom cut to fit any standard small or medium models with the possibility of custom fitting some large models in. The foam itself is very soft and from personal experience loses it’s integrity after a few years. The cases are solid and can withstand significant impact (eg a car crash – don’t ask!) but seem very bulky compared to the foam inside.


KR Multicases

KR is a company I have had no personal experiences with. I have looked at their products and some friends have various styles from them. They began with a basic foam tray and cardboard case. “Cardboard, you say? Wouldn’t that get ruined in the rain?” Yes which is why they also sold a waterproof cover. They were very a much a cheaper alternative to Games Workshop for us old hobbyists and the option of purchasing additional foam trays was a godsend. Something GW does NOT offer.

They then moved out into hard shell cases – black plastic or Aluminium cases offer more protection to your trays and models and fabric cases and backpacks for gamers on the go or wanting other trendy options.

They also cater for specific armies for Games Workshop. If you need a tray to transport your flyer KR have a tray with a cutout to fit.

Their trays are similar in style to GW in a wide range of colours with a soft sponge foam that will hold your models intact.

Prices are very reasonable with empty aluminium cases starting at £25 and custom filled foam for £38 they are a very good value for money.



Romeo and the guys at Battlefoam burst onto the scene a few years ago and have gone from strength to strength. These are my personal favourite case for a number of reasons but let’s start with the basic bag.

Their P.A.C.K. (Personal Army Combat Kit) is their mainstay transport and storage system. It comes in a range of sizes and a lot of them have extra zips on the outside to allow you to zip together various sizes into 1 huge bag. The bag is a rugged canvas and comes in army green although some sizes have colour options available. The canvas bag has plastic inserts on all the edges to create a hard shell of protection for your models. There are metal clasps for the straps with a good quality rubber shoulder protector with every bag. These can be disconnected when combining bags together.

The foam is where Battlefoam stands out from the crowd. Their foam is harder and denser and more durable than other competitors and their Pick n Pluck variety allows you to pluck out just the right amount of foam to create a space to keep your unusual models safe and secure. The only downside is that with a hard foam there is a tendency for the paint to wear off especially if the models are used often.

I am a big fan of the PACK system but they also have licenses for other Games systems to produce bags for them . From MERCS to Infinity, Malifaux to Flames of War and Heavy Gear the custom bags are created with the game and gamer’s needs at the forefront.

I have had a lot of experience with their Malifaux bags and with 3 layers (1.5″, 1″ and 3″ Pick n Pluck) there is space for an entire faction (or 2 in my case). Their Malifaux bag also has a large pocket on the front for a rulebook and on the back has an entire section for Malifaux decks, tokens and tape measures and some slots for markers. All designed to fit snuggly.

I have been catching myself on looking at the PACK PLUS recently as that will attach to my PACK 216 and give an additional 6″ worth of foam for storage or transport. I can then fill it with whatever foam I like – be it 2″ for my Flames of War or 3″ to hold my tanks for Secrets of the Third Reich. I can then pull out what I don’t need or add in trays if I want to take either a range of games systems or more of 1 army.

Now the downside. The cases come in at the premium end of the market with a Malifaux bag retailing for £65. At the minute they do have an offer on their Malifaux bags but i believe this is to do with licensing coming to an end.

You can order trays separately and they are not cheap either. For me I would rather pay this premium price for a product I am familiar with and will fulfil my needs and can expand as I need it or see fit. And that’s the case in point.


  • Battlefoam PACK PLUS
  • PACK 720
  • Battlefoam Malifaux Bag

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