2015: A Good Year to Game Hard

Posted: January 2, 2015 in Gaming, Hobby, Resolutions


With my resolution from last year to play every system I own falling just shy in the home straight I will attempt to complete it this month. I only have Epic: Armageddon and Dystopian Wars left and both games have seen a resurgence in popularity locally. I possibly bit off slightly more than I could chew last year and was trying to juggle too many hobby things with wedding plans that always seemed to fall on a weekend. Despite this I managed to play a fair few games, attended 2 big tournaments for Malifaux, ran 2 large convention tournaments for Malifaux and got some more new blood into the hobby.

I had a blast playing some of my games that have been neglected, especially breaking out my Panzer Grenadiers for Secrets of the Third Reich, running them with some mecha units and Nazi werewolves. Who doesn’t love Nazi werewolves? With the rumours doing the rounds of a 2nd edition to SoTR using Kickstarter I have some hobby funds labelled for adding drop troops to my Panzer Grenadiers.

I also managed to get a game of Warmachine/Hordes in using my old Cryx forces. I love some of the aesthetics of the forces and absolutely adore my Circle Orboros models but I find this game a little too much of a learning curve for me to invest heavily in. I will continue to paint what I have, pick up a model here and there and throw down some dice when the mood takes me or a game is offered.

Epic has recently seen a rise in participation in 2 local game clubs which just sends me giddy with excitement. Epic/Space Marine was the first wargame I ever collected and I still remember my first purchase of the Epic Chaos Horde box, having no idea about the game the tiny miniatures just appealed to me. This year I will be starting 2 forces and will be gaming with them every chance I get.

Guildball will shortly be landing on the doorstep and as I backed it heavily (my largest kickstarter pledge) I will be getting some games of this organised. This definitely looks like a beer and pretzels game and hopefully the price point won’t immediatley put people off. The models are beautiful and the gameplay is fast, furious and fun.

So where does that leave me for this year. Well, as the title suggests I am going to try and get as many games in as possible this year. I will continue with Malifaux in a big way, the Bushido boardgame will be arriving later in the year and Epic and Dystopian Wars will see more tabletop time. So my resolutions are:

  1. Achieve the Rainbow award on Malifaux Rankings (Play all 7 factions in tournaments) Having collected so many models it doesn’t bear thinking about I want to use all of them this year.
  2. Play at least 1 game a week – This will include new and old games, as a side note I would like to try as many new games (wargame and boardgame) as I can
  3. Paint 2 3,000 point Epic forces – This will be good to paint up my existing forces and have more armies for other gamers to choose from.

So that’s it. These resolutions should be achievable and I have already started by painting some Epic and playing a game of Zombicide yesterday. Here’s to the rest of the year!


  • The game begins

  • Not looking good…

  • Il-Kaithe Guardian formation

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