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The Guildball guys are doing it again! They have now realised artwork for both the new team – The Brewer’s Guild, taking the number of teams available to 5, and also given us a preview of the artwork for first unlocked Union member (Free Agents), Snakeskin.

Let’s hope for more stretch goals to see what else they have up their sleeves!

Current total: £57,601

A great little card game on Kickstarter, Oddball Aeronauts, is in it’s last few hours. With the project funded and a number of stretch goals broken including this and all future releases being printed on a quality linen finish and some extra kickstarter only cards I am really looking forward to getting my hands on the finished article.

Bring on September!

So with the help of a couple of big backers Guildball has broken the £50k mark. That is a great achievement in just over 1 week. The first stretch goal was custom designed goals for each team, cast in resin. This second goal is “Snakeskin” a free agent player for the “Union” guild. This models becomes a free add on for pledgers that have backed for at least 1 team.

The creators of Guild Ball have re-ordered their stretch goals and re-worded what each backer may or may not get. Check them out!

Below are the posing shots of the Fishermen, Masons and Morticians teams.

So the guys at Guildball have released their alpha set of Quick Start rules. A quick skim reveals a very simple and fluid system of dice rolling to determine success/failure and consequences.

Check it out! They have already hit their fund goal so the project will proceed. All other funding will help them release more models. And what gamer does not want more models?