#Paddyfaux only 2 weeks to! @tograth

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Gaming, Hobby, Tale of Malifaux Bloggers
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With only 2 weeks before Paddyfaux we have been frantically playing smaller level games to prepare for the first day (3 rounds 40SS). I have played 1 game with Lilith and 1 with Lucius and I will tell you what I have learned: 40SS does not go very far.

In order to get minions that can fulfil the schemes on a game-by-game basis the amount of big gribblies I can field goes down dramatically. Lilith took 3 tots, a cherub, silurid, Young Nephilim and a waldgeist. Leaving no room for any heavy hitters (Young Nephilim aside). So what’s outcome? Basically the difference between 40 and 50SS is a heavy hitting minion, enforcer or henchman. What i believe is that if you nail your games at 40SS then moving up to 50SS just gives you more survivability to do some damage with the additional model in your crew.

I also ran a Lucius Guild/Mimic crew with 2 riflemen, austringer, beckoner, tot and a silurid. Again with little experience with Lucius I eked out a draw but was not using Lucius or his minions to their optimum abilities.

And the painting is still continuing. Have been steadily applying 3 colours at least to all models. Still got a few that need to be airbrushed but this will happen this weekend.

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