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Awh man I am so happy I’m in this Kickstarter. Can’t wait to get my teams.

#Bushido New Art for latest faction

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Hobby
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First artwork for the Tengu faction for Bushido – looking great for the killer ninja birdmen of the forests of Jwar. Naigubu the Ancient

#Malifaux Colette Preview

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Hobby

Just hot off the presses. Colette and a mannequin. Looking great!

So tonight I got home from work early and decided to crack out this great little game. With the latest expansion on the way I wanted to get back into the feel of the game.

The base game involves investigation around Arkham Museum as the investigators go on adventures and try to achieve Elder Signs in an attempt to seal the gates and prevent a Great Old One from destroying Arkham, and consequently, the world.

Each turn an investigator will pick an adventure, whether it’s ‘Don’t go near the Windows’ in the dinosaur exhibit or a visit to the Koi Pond. Each adventure will have a series of objectives, achieved by rolling dice and matching symbols. Each successful roll will help you achieve victory. Failing will result in penalties to your stamina or sanity and can even increase the Doom Track to bring the Great Old One out. Succeeding at an adventure will gain items, spells and unique abilities to help in the fight.

After every adventure the clock is advanced 3 hours until Midnight strikes. At midnight a new Mythos card is flipped and it’s affects will last for the following day. Some can be good but most are bad for investigators with monsters turning up to spoil the fun.

Tonight I played a solo game with 3 adventurers battling to prevent Hastur, The King in Yellow from emerging. After some initial success the adventures became more difficult but i was still racking up the occasional Elder Sign while gaining some key spells and common items (dynamite adds 2 special dice to your dice pool for the round).

Finally Dexter Drake opened a portal directly to Ry’leh. With 10 Elder Signs already Dexter knew a last gamble would gain him 3 more but it would not be easy. Gambling all (dynamite and having a clue token available to re roll any or all dice) he went for it. Gaining enough for the first line Dexter braced himself and rolled again – Lore,Attack but no Terror. A re roll later and 4 dice came to rest with a Terror symbol showing! Dexter and the team had done it and no one would ever know their plight.

Great game and more importantly a quick game.

Bushido Demo Night @WeeGamersNI

Posted: February 6, 2015 in Gaming

So last night seen a great demo of Bushido to the hungry gamers at Wee Gamers. A quick overview of the cards and stats and away we went. Bushido is a tabletop skirmish game set in the pseudo-fantasy Jwar Isles with a distinctly Japanese feel to it. A group of between 4 and 7 models will make up your typical warband and put you straight into the numerous battles in the Jwar Isles.

Each model or group of models will use a stat card to list their characteristics: melee and shooting ability, movement and Ki generation each turn. Ki is an important resource as it allows models to boost their attacks, defence or perform Ki feats at times in the game. Also listed is their Traits that can include Armour (1), Martial Prowess (2) or Light-footed. Each trait is explained in the rules and gives models a distinct flavour.

Combat is quite unique in that a model’s Melee Skill (MS) determines the dice pool for each combat. This pool is then secretly broken into attack and defence dice and all rolled together (2 sets of coloured dice are required). The current attacking model will compare his attack dice to the defender’s defence dice. If the defender survives he can then compare his attack to the other player’s defence. The difference between the 2 will determine the success level of each attack. A further 2D6 are rolled, added together and that will determine the number of damage sustained. Armour (1) will reduce this dice roll by 1, Armour (2) will reduce it by 2 etc.

Wee Si and I set up a quick game of 19 Rice Cost (RC) which for Si was Takeji and his 2 Jade Mamba Guard. I took Saratoshi and Kenzo Ito in response. The first 2 turns were tactically moving for a turn 3 strike. The melee was swirling around when Si with a model advantage managed to get a surprise charge which put me on the back foot. Some quick thinking and armour (3) I managed to weather most attacks but numbers proved the winner and Si eventually won the day.

Good times in Jwar!

So Sunday seen my first tournament of the year and the beginning of my year of #Rainbowfaux. Deciding to get the Arcanists out of the way as the crew I have least models for I thought I would also use it as an opportunity to try new models. Deciding to run Mei Feng (my favourite Master) all day it gave me a good grounding for using new models with unique abilities in the games.

Game 1: Turf War vs Hamelin

Mat was playing Hamelin for the first time and I was facing Hamelin for the first time. With a buried Killjoy and Ama no Zako in his crew I knew I would be in a tough spot from the outset. With the amount of rats and stolen he was summoning I was soon on the backfoot for activations. Knowing that I would be ok if I could survive past turn 2 I concentrated on my schemes – Breakthrough which was easily achieved with a strike from the Mechanical Rider and Frame for Murder on Willie who exploded on Turn 3. Ignoring Killjoy by feeding him Hard to Kill models I was able to lock Hamelin down and deny him scheme points. 9-3 victory

Game 2: Reckoning vs Seamus

Myk is an expert at all Ressers and taking an unusual lineup of 4 belles meant I had to avoid any and all lures. Mei can put up a great aura for negative flips to all casts keeping my guys safer. A small elite crew meant that I was denying Reckoning points and effectively we danced around each other. I scored a VP for Vendetta while he scored 3. That was the key difference. 7-4 loss.

Game 3: Squatter’s Rights vs Tara

Another tough matchup that would decide final rankings. I was on the backfoot but knew I was fast enough to achieve Power ritual so I announced it. Taking Glen by surprise I had the Mechanical Rider in his backfield in turn 2. He kept the flank busy pooping out constructs for the rest of the game which was enough to swing activation order to me denying Tara her ability to reactivate. Cursed Object was handy to take with large Melee ranges denying the opportunity to remove the condition. 10-8 victory.

With the results in somehow I managed to come second. Chuffed with that. Gunsmith, fire gamin and Mechanical Rider are all now firmly in my good books.