Game: 50SS Molly vs Kaeris

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Gaming

Strategy: Turf War

A Line in the sand
Protect territory
Plant Explosives
Frame for Murder

Resurrectionists (Breakthrough Unrevealed, Plant Explosives Unrevealed)
Molly – Gorgon’s Tear, Spare Parts, Forgotten Life
Dead Rider – Decaying Aura
3 Crooligans
3 Belles
Necrotic machine

Arcanists (Frame for Murder, Gunsmith, Unrevealed, Plant Explosives, Unrevealed)
The Captain
Nemesis Mage
Blood Mage
Fire Gamin
Essence of Fire

Turn 1

With the crooligans deploying deep they were able to get out quickly and drop scheme markers for their Breakthrough scheme. The Captain with his casting expert pushed up the Gamin, Firestarter and Blood Mage. In return a belle lured him towards the centre and the nemesis mage targeted a crooligan and put the hurt on him. The Dead Rider walked twice (0) actioned to push into melee with the exposed gunsmith, damaged him and then with a reap trigger pulled him back to the undead lines. Feeding time!

Molly then used the gunsmith to summon a punk zombie and dead doxy in range of the gunsmith who was lured in by the other belles and pounced upon, revealing Frame for Murder. The necrotic machine wandered towards the centre and was followed up by the doxy and zombie.

Turn 2

The doxy walked forward and dropped a scheme marker in the centre. This would be my explosive scheme if I could get the enemy in range.

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