#Epic #Minigeddon #Armageddon Games last night

Posted: January 9, 2015 in Gaming

Continuing my resolution from last year I got in not 1 but 2 games of Epic last night. Granted, it was Minigeddon 1,000pt games and we only played 2 turns each game but it was enough to get 2 new players into the game mechanics and another to relearn the system.

We played Orks, Imperial Guard and Space Marines at 1,000 points


  • Boyz Mob, 2 nobs, 2 grots and battlewagons
  • 3 Stompa mob with 2 dreadnoughts
  • 8 warbikes
  • 5 Gub wagonz with Oddboy

Space Marines

  • 2 Tactical Formations with rhinos
  • Land Raiders

Imperial Guard

  • Steel Legion Infantry company with chimeras
  • 3 Hellhounds
  • Baneblade
  • Warhound titan

It was enough to show the mechanics of using infantry, vehicles, transports, war engines and characters and was an absolute blast. The guys learned the benefits of last minute marching to grab objectives, laying down just enough blast markers to break formations, engagements and supporting fire and rallying and regrouping. Good times.

  • Guard vs Space Marines – 2-1
  • Orks vs Space Marines 2-2
  • Orks vs Imperial Guard 0-2

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