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With the recent newsletter from West Wind Productions announcing the resculpted Incursion models available on their webstore it will only be a matter of time before they have the full line up available. My Mechanised drop force will soon be complete and led by Hilde, the Valkyrie.

Hilde Becker has the dubious honour of being the Reich’s best troubleshooter. What that ultimately means is that High Command tends to drop Hilde and whatever Drop Trooper assets they can muster into the worst locations that the Allies can construct. Her continued survival is a testament to her abilities. She’s also occasionally used to bring certain rogue elements back in line…

So this year with my reduced hobby time I will be concentrating on a few select projects. Malifaux will be a major focus but I also want to give some love and encouragement to lesser rulesets. This also allows me to give some love and attention to the models in my collection that have yet to feel the caress of a brush.

  1. Complete the 2 Epic forces I started last year. I was close to completing my Eldar last year. When I say close I was almost at 3,000 points. This does not give a lot of wiggle room for tailoring my force so I will be adding to my force to get it to around 4,000 points. I will also attempt to get my Heresy Emperor’s Children up to the same level. I love the Heresy models and will be continuing painting purple this year. I will also be adding some titan support to both my loyalists and traitorous forces. This will also feed into playing lesser-played systems, below.
  2. Paint 1,000 points of ‘Of Gods and Mortals’. Published by Osprey Games this is a nice simple system with lots of room for customisation of forces, creating your own pantheon of gods and take part in epic battles. For me I will be doing a dark celtic force using some old Rackham models from their Drune range. My force consists of 4 units, 2 characters and Cernunnos the Horn’d God. This force can also be segued into a force for Dragon Rampant, another Osprey Games system.
  3. Organise and take part in various ‘Man Days’. With limited gaming time we have decided to have 1 day a month devoted to gaming with the guys. This is organised chaos where any system and games are welcome, turn up and play. Grab an opponent, organise before or on the day, or rope in anyone who wanders by to play a game. Our first Man Day will be 31st January and if successful will continue every month.
  4. Play more. Simple. Whether it’s in tournaments or just a relaxing board game with my wife I want to play more this year.

Another beautiful render from Wyrd Miniatures. Need this ASAP. My proxy will be fine until the official model is released.

The Emissaries are the embodiment of their faction and enhance and compliment every master in the faction.

  • Shadow Emissary

First artwork from the infamous ‘Boondoggle Seven’ or whatever name they settle on for the new band in malifaux. Each member of the band belongs to each faction and 1 member is lead singer and can bring the others together to form a crew. The crew members are also Tormented meaning Jack Daw can be the front man for a spin-off group! Oh Yeah \m/

I present Gluttony

Here are some lovely new previews for the Gremlins. Roll on #Projectbrown

Trixibelle is beautiful, almost NSFW

#Bushido New Art for latest faction

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Hobby
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First artwork for the Tengu faction for Bushido – looking great for the killer ninja birdmen of the forests of Jwar. Naigubu the Ancient

#Malifaux Colette Preview

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Hobby

Just hot off the presses. Colette and a mannequin. Looking great!

#Epic #Armageddon flyers on a budget

Posted: January 15, 2015 in Hobby

So with the reduced availability of eldar flyers I decided to try and make my own. Scouring the Bits sites for suitable components I stumbled across a flyer made using an epic eldar jetbike. Taking that as a sign I started last night and by the end I had made decent progress on 2 nightwings and 3 phoenix bombers.

The bonus is that they could possibly be used by both Eldar and the dark cousins, Dark Eldar. And after seeing Elsmore’s painting log I decided to steal/borrow the idea and paint mine the same way, as Prince Yriel’s Raiders.

I also managed to get some more work done on my Eldar revenant titan (a 40K wraithguard)

  • Original inspiration

  • First and ongoing attempt at Eldar Nightwings

  • Ongoing progress on Eldar Phoenixes

  • Elsmore’s Yriel’s Raiders


With my resolution from last year to play every system I own falling just shy in the home straight I will attempt to complete it this month. I only have Epic: Armageddon and Dystopian Wars left and both games have seen a resurgence in popularity locally. I possibly bit off slightly more than I could chew last year and was trying to juggle too many hobby things with wedding plans that always seemed to fall on a weekend. Despite this I managed to play a fair few games, attended 2 big tournaments for Malifaux, ran 2 large convention tournaments for Malifaux and got some more new blood into the hobby.

I had a blast playing some of my games that have been neglected, especially breaking out my Panzer Grenadiers for Secrets of the Third Reich, running them with some mecha units and Nazi werewolves. Who doesn’t love Nazi werewolves? With the rumours doing the rounds of a 2nd edition to SoTR using Kickstarter I have some hobby funds labelled for adding drop troops to my Panzer Grenadiers.

I also managed to get a game of Warmachine/Hordes in using my old Cryx forces. I love some of the aesthetics of the forces and absolutely adore my Circle Orboros models but I find this game a little too much of a learning curve for me to invest heavily in. I will continue to paint what I have, pick up a model here and there and throw down some dice when the mood takes me or a game is offered.

Epic has recently seen a rise in participation in 2 local game clubs which just sends me giddy with excitement. Epic/Space Marine was the first wargame I ever collected and I still remember my first purchase of the Epic Chaos Horde box, having no idea about the game the tiny miniatures just appealed to me. This year I will be starting 2 forces and will be gaming with them every chance I get.

Guildball will shortly be landing on the doorstep and as I backed it heavily (my largest kickstarter pledge) I will be getting some games of this organised. This definitely looks like a beer and pretzels game and hopefully the price point won’t immediatley put people off. The models are beautiful and the gameplay is fast, furious and fun.

So where does that leave me for this year. Well, as the title suggests I am going to try and get as many games in as possible this year. I will continue with Malifaux in a big way, the Bushido boardgame will be arriving later in the year and Epic and Dystopian Wars will see more tabletop time. So my resolutions are:

  1. Achieve the Rainbow award on Malifaux Rankings (Play all 7 factions in tournaments) Having collected so many models it doesn’t bear thinking about I want to use all of them this year.
  2. Play at least 1 game a week – This will include new and old games, as a side note I would like to try as many new games (wargame and boardgame) as I can
  3. Paint 2 3,000 point Epic forces – This will be good to paint up my existing forces and have more armies for other gamers to choose from.

So that’s it. These resolutions should be achievable and I have already started by painting some Epic and playing a game of Zombicide yesterday. Here’s to the rest of the year!


  • The game begins

  • Not looking good…

  • Il-Kaithe Guardian formation

A feast for your eyes and wallets