Black Knight Birthday Bash part 2

Posted: October 26, 2013 in Gaming

So with Black Knight celebrating its birthday we suited up and headed down to play some Malifaux and other games.

the idea was to celebrate by playing for 30 hours straight. Well, that wasn’t going to happen but we did do 7 hours before having to be called home by our significant others.

A good few demo games of Malifaux has given some guys the bug and a full game of Von Schill vs Viks see the game swing for the Viks then back to Von Schill but in the end the Viks hled out for an 8-7 win.

I ran a good game with Mei Feng against Andy who wanted to try Lilith. It was a close game but inexperience and more playing will be required to get the hang of Lilith.

Next up was a game of In her Majesty’s Name. I didn’t play but watched on. It was a skirmish game that uses D10 with modifiers for actions in a similar fashion to Gutshot. Everyone seemed to be having fun so all good.

Zombicide season 2 arrived so it would have been rude not to open it up and play a game despite it just turning 1am.

The first scenario sees the lucky survivors beginning in the prison but having to open various gates to achieve victory but doing that results in opening zones for zombies to spawn. Get to the tower and grab the sniper rifle and start taking out these walkers.

I made a valiant effort in an attempt to kill as many zombies as possible. Jumping into a police car and running them over killed half the zombies. In return they swarmed on me and with that the rest fell soon after.

  • Set up for demo games.

  • Von Schill beats down some girls.

  • In Her Majesty’s Name – killing mummies and cultists!

  • Get to the chopper!

  • Watts takes it to the zombie horde

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