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Great work by the guys at @Guildball unlocking another of their Free Agent “Union Members” team. Fangtooth is now a free add-on to be selected during the post-kickstarter survey.

They have also provided a detailed artwork of the next stretch goal, Mist, who will be unlocked at £70,000. Let’s hope we can go the whole way to £80,000 and unlock all the members of the Union team.

I’m keeping an eye out! Current total is £65,537


  • Fangtooth

  • Mist the assassin

Life through a lens – Part 1

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Hobby
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At the weekend I was introduced to a lovely gadget that will be of great benefit to me when it comes to miniature photography – iPhone camera lenses (other devices are available). The package comes with 3 lenses (Macro, Wide Angle and Fish Eye) but it is the Macro that really interests me.

As I have my phone on me at all times and I take an extensive amount of pictures with it when gaming and even when painting I think it will of great benefit. The camera is pretty good quality (for a phone, it’s a phone first and foremost) but zooming in has always been an issue.

Combining this little gadget with the Foldio Kickstarter I backed recently gives me a nice portable studio. An extra piece to the set would be a phone-specific tripod to mount it on for great pictures. And lo and behold a quick ebay search reveals 1 of these too!

I have ordered the lenses and will hopefully trial out this weekend coming at the next tournament – Paddyfaux. Come back and read the review!

Guildball is ramping up their add-ons and in doing so has unlocked another stretch goal. Another Union Member, Decimate, has been unlocked for pledgers to decide on at the end of the Kickstarter. Let’s bring on the £65K stretch goal. We all want the big guy!

More options are also available, the KR Multicase and patch are available to keep your models safe and show your allegiances. Also probably a required add-on will be the templates for scattering and measuring ranges for players.

Let’s ramp this up to 11!


  • Decimate – Union Member

  • Guildball Templates

  • KR Multicase – Protecting your minis

Some more progress on my ‘Mother of Monsters’ crew. Lilith has received some highlights to her skin, layering from Bestial Brown up through to Vomit Brown. The next stages will be Elf Flesh mixed with vomit brown and then lastly Elf Flesh with possibly some white mixed in for a final edge highlight. I have also used some Jade Green to tie in with the rest of the models in the crew. I think Purples and Jade Green will be a feature in my Neverborn.

The tots, the babies of the bunch, started with Genestealer Purple followed by a wash of Army Painter Purple tone to provide a darker tone. Highlighting with watered down Genestealer Purple and then again with a mix of purple and white produced a stark contrast. A final diluted wash of Purple Tone helped blend the stark highlights with the base colour. Green was used on their cloth and they will have grey horns and hooves and some metallic weapons.


  • Lilith – Mother of Monsters

  • Terror Tots – almost done

In the last 24 hours I have put some serious thoughts into running Henchmen as leaders in smaller point games. Typical games in Malifaux tend to be either 40 or 50 soulstones with your leader being free. This leaves the entire amount of points available to spend on models to tie in with the Henchman and that can grab you scenario points.


With a henchman you have access to a less powerful model than a master naturally. You also give up a valuable AP as only Masters have 3AP generally. Masters will generally also have more synergy with more models than a henchman.

So what’s the upsides?

Well as most people generally take a Master you can have a surprise advantage of only throwing down a henchman. This could lead your opponent off his game from what he was expecting to face. As all models are simply pawns in your grand scheme (or they should be) you should be able to adapt your overall plan to cope with the loss. The upside can also be for introductory games and playing against opponents of different levels to you. Purposefully handicapping yourself can provide a quick way to level the playing field. And if you can pull out a victory with a Henchman led crew against an opponent running a Master, well then victory tastes that much sweeter.


I think there could be times when it is fun to run a henchman-led crew. It could be for a story encounter or in conjunction with a campaign. Regardless the open playstyle and crew composition of Malifaux 2.0 allows many different combinations to be tried, tested and enjoyed.


A while back someone mentioned on the Wyrd boards about using the Malifaux city map as the basis of a map-based campaign. Malifaux itself does not lend easily to a campaign system unlike Necromunda or Mordheim from Games Workshop.

Essentially with campaign games you are linking your games in a structured way with other gamers to evolve your crew/warband/bunch of rats/whatever and tell a narrative of how they came to be. Not only does each crew member get better they can also receive serious injuries and get worse. It might be easier to just kill them off (and then sell the body to necromancers for some gold!).

So how can we translate this to Malifaux? The Wyrd Chronicles released a campaign system where each crew member could get better or worse but I think this might be a more difficult way to go with Malifaux.

My thoughts, compiled yesterday morning over a coffee, boil down to this:

  1. Start with 30SS fixed crew and master
  2. Start at a point on the map
  3. Get an objective from that location (collect items from locations)
  4. Each round you decide where you need to go
  5. Draw a line from starting point to end point
  6. Each player flips a card, highest resolves his path first.
  7. If his path intercepts any other player’s path he can decide which player to do battle with
  8. The lead player will decide the story encounter that will happen (from a list)
  9. If his path does not cross another player he WILL be investigated by the Guild at the location he ends up.
  10. Guild patrols will be 30SS squad led by a Guild Sergeant, controlled by the GM.
  11. Each battle a player wins earns him 2SS
  12. A player who loses will be deducted 2SS for the next battle only.
  13. The core crew of the player cannot change but extra earned SS will allow extra recruitment to the crew.
  14. During a battle the player with the lesser SS total will get bonuses
  15. At a location the player can select another objective or get given an item.
  16. Once a player has the items required for an objective he must get to the destination to score campaign points
  17. Once a player earns 20 Campaign points he wins the campaign.

Essentially it’s a treasure hunt with brawls along the way. Win a few games and you have an advantage, lose some games and you are hampered for the next round. If you win yo will be building up a bigger crew to help you win the campaign. This can be tied in with new players who wish to expand their forces.

I’m still debating whether the items at each location are randomly given or a player can select from a number of items from the top of the deck. Maybe players can exchange/barter their loot or maybe the winner can steal some loot from the loser.

If anyone has any thoughts on how to progress this I would be very interested.

No comments, just drool!

The Guildball guys are doing it again! They have now realised artwork for both the new team – The Brewer’s Guild, taking the number of teams available to 5, and also given us a preview of the artwork for first unlocked Union member (Free Agents), Snakeskin.

Let’s hope for more stretch goals to see what else they have up their sleeves!

Current total: £57,601

#ToMB Lilith WIP

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Hobby, Tale of Malifaux Bloggers
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So some of you may notice that I have not used the current plastic model for Lilith in my #ToMB project. There are 2 reasons for this. Well, actually there’s 1 reason for this if I’m being honest. The original Lilith model is still one of my favourite models in the game.

Yes, she does have an oriental feel to her. Yes, she is wearing thigh-high boots with stockings and little else. And yes, she is twiddling a finger through her hair while resting a giant bad-ass sword on 1 shoulder. All of these things add together to make it a model that exudes confidence, killyness and cool. All of these things embody what Lilith is in the fluff and in the game. She is the Master of Malifaux. The land bends to her will and she will use it to exact her vengeance. And yes, if you get within range she will use her blade to great effect.

It’s true the new plastic model has similar aspects but nothing says cool than a lady twirling a finger through her hair and then decapitating you. As for the painting I started off with a black undercoat and used an airbrush to prime most of the model with GW Dawnstone through an airbrush. The airbrush allows me to apply thin layers of paint and then to get overspray to get a gradient effect on parts of the model –  the coat in particular. I have used purple on the model to tie in with the rest of my Neverborn models and will also use some green as many of my Neverborn models have green as well. I have been experimenting with glazes and used that to give a purple glaze to the inside of the coat. I will also apply some dust to the coat using a glaze method.

The boots were airbrushed with the grey but 2 washes of black have created a nice highlight and depth to them. I’m debating on using varnish to make them shiny or not. Her hair has been given a base layer of terracotta before an ink of nut brown. This, I realised may have been a mistake as it dried shiny. A wash of dark brown helped tone down the shine and a final drybrush of red brought out the tips and highlighted the raised areas. The sword and boot tops were base coated with a dark metal mixed with some matte medium. The medium dulls down the metallic paint flecks while still giving some shine. I much prefer this technique than a straight application of metal paint.

Also in the picture is Lucius, the Governor’s Secretary, the right-hand man of the Guild Leadership. It’s true he’s Guild through and through but this character definitely has his own agenda.

YMMV but for me the original model of Lilith still wins out.

  • Lilith and Lucius work in progress

So the latest episode of the D6Generation (ep 142) has Mack Martin on as the guest 3rd chair. Here Mack talks Malifaux, general gaming and Wyrd’s next big thing.

For those unaware Mack is a heavy hitter in the RPG development industry with Warhammer 40K RPG and Dust Tactics tabletop game credited to him. He later joined Wyrd and began the Through the Breach (TTB) roleplay game set in the Wyrd universe and helped out with the development of Malifaux 2.0 (M2E).

He dropped the bombshell that he is starting work on an army-scale wargame called Ruined Planet. What is an army-scale wargame? According to Mack it will be between 30-40 up to 150 models per side. He has stated that Malifaux will not be an army game.

  • Hard Sci-Fi game
  • Rulebook and 2 faction books done
  • 1st draft written over Xmas break 2013
  • Eric had the concepts in place and Mack is filling in the gaps
  • Background includes pandemic on earth forcing people to flee to space
  • Potential for 6/7 factions and sketches for them for launch
  • Mack has had this idea for years and can be seen in past interviews on the white board behind him
  • Pandemic background seems very filled out. Very bio-organic
  • Challenges for upping model count. Wyrd very committed to the project.
  • Dice based game, not cards
  • Battle Builder from Dust Warfare will influence the new game
  • Organised play is a big feature
  • Players can influence the storyline by winning organised play events
  • Alternate Activation
  • Response tokens to help act out of turn
  • Self-balancing mechanic similar to Bushido
  • Units can resupply themselves
  • LOS not true LOS but is abstracted
  • Very scenario-specific

It sounds a lot of fun but as a gamer that loves skirmish level games I can’t see me buying into it. If the models look nice I may consider a model or two. But best of luck for Mack and the guys at Wyrd.