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April Releases from @WyrdGames #Malifaux

Posted: February 24, 2016 in Hobby

Woop! More renders of upcoming models! Looking forward to more Stitched Togethers and Rooster Riders!

Another great @WyrdGames Preview

Posted: February 8, 2016 in Hobby
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Today Wyrd Games reveal another render of their Emissaries. And again they knock it out of the park with the Mysterious Emissary.

These latest models are shaping up nicely and again show that Wyrd can deliver based on the artwork they have previously put out.

I am not intending to get it since I have my heart set on Shadow, Carrion and Arcane Emissaries but it may just end up on my Xmas wishlist!

Wyrd Games have released a preview of yet another Emissary. This one will be added to my Molly and Seamus crews. May even throw in something to tie in with Yan Lo.

So this year with my reduced hobby time I will be concentrating on a few select projects. Malifaux will be a major focus but I also want to give some love and encouragement to lesser rulesets. This also allows me to give some love and attention to the models in my collection that have yet to feel the caress of a brush.

  1. Complete the 2 Epic forces I started last year. I was close to completing my Eldar last year. When I say close I was almost at 3,000 points. This does not give a lot of wiggle room for tailoring my force so I will be adding to my force to get it to around 4,000 points. I will also attempt to get my Heresy Emperor’s Children up to the same level. I love the Heresy models and will be continuing painting purple this year. I will also be adding some titan support to both my loyalists and traitorous forces. This will also feed into playing lesser-played systems, below.
  2. Paint 1,000 points of ‘Of Gods and Mortals’. Published by Osprey Games this is a nice simple system with lots of room for customisation of forces, creating your own pantheon of gods and take part in epic battles. For me I will be doing a dark celtic force using some old Rackham models from their Drune range. My force consists of 4 units, 2 characters and Cernunnos the Horn’d God. This force can also be segued into a force for Dragon Rampant, another Osprey Games system.
  3. Organise and take part in various ‘Man Days’. With limited gaming time we have decided to have 1 day a month devoted to gaming with the guys. This is organised chaos where any system and games are welcome, turn up and play. Grab an opponent, organise before or on the day, or rope in anyone who wanders by to play a game. Our first Man Day will be 31st January and if successful will continue every month.
  4. Play more. Simple. Whether it’s in tournaments or just a relaxing board game with my wife I want to play more this year.

Another beautiful render from Wyrd Miniatures. Need this ASAP. My proxy will be fine until the official model is released.

The Emissaries are the embodiment of their faction and enhance and compliment every master in the faction.

  • Shadow Emissary

Ok, let’s get this out of the way. I failed in my hobby challenges. Completely! But I had a great year, attended some conventions, went half way around the world to play toy soldiers and painted stuff I had lying around for years. I’d call that a moral victory.

  1. The Rainbow Award. Play all 7 factions at 7 Malifaux events. Well that didn’t happen. It started well enough placing 2nd and 3rd in my first 2 events using factions I rarely play – Arcansists and Neverborn. I followed this up with another 3rd place with a faction I have never played before – Outcasts. I ended the year with 2 more events both of which I used 10 Thunders for. So that leaves Ressers, Guild and Gremlins for 2016. I did however increase my rankings position this year and finished in the Top 20 at the UK Nationals in November. Finishing 46th in the UK I’d call that a result!
  2. Play a game a week. Well let’s just say I played games whenever I could. I updated my year of gaming banner with every game I played. Don’t think I reached 52 weeks of 1-a-week gaming however.
  3. Paint 2 3,000 point forces for Epic. I got a significant amount done with my Eldar but my Space Marines are sorely lacking. I will get final numbers for this. I did manage to get to a gaming club while I was in Australia and witnessed a truly epic spectacle of Epicness – 48,000 points of Heresy Epic in a mad game.

Going forward I aim to get more Epic painted, more games played – I’m looking at you Guild Ball – and trying some new games – Mayhem 10mm, Of Gods and Mortals and Warmahordes as well as playing the usual board games with my wife and daughter.

It’s going to be a good year!

First artwork from the infamous ‘Boondoggle Seven’ or whatever name they settle on for the new band in malifaux. Each member of the band belongs to each faction and 1 member is lead singer and can bring the others together to form a crew. The crew members are also Tormented meaning Jack Daw can be the front man for a spin-off group! Oh Yeah \m/

I present Gluttony

#Malifaux Colette Preview

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Hobby

Just hot off the presses. Colette and a mannequin. Looking great!

So Sunday seen my first tournament of the year and the beginning of my year of #Rainbowfaux. Deciding to get the Arcanists out of the way as the crew I have least models for I thought I would also use it as an opportunity to try new models. Deciding to run Mei Feng (my favourite Master) all day it gave me a good grounding for using new models with unique abilities in the games.

Game 1: Turf War vs Hamelin

Mat was playing Hamelin for the first time and I was facing Hamelin for the first time. With a buried Killjoy and Ama no Zako in his crew I knew I would be in a tough spot from the outset. With the amount of rats and stolen he was summoning I was soon on the backfoot for activations. Knowing that I would be ok if I could survive past turn 2 I concentrated on my schemes – Breakthrough which was easily achieved with a strike from the Mechanical Rider and Frame for Murder on Willie who exploded on Turn 3. Ignoring Killjoy by feeding him Hard to Kill models I was able to lock Hamelin down and deny him scheme points. 9-3 victory

Game 2: Reckoning vs Seamus

Myk is an expert at all Ressers and taking an unusual lineup of 4 belles meant I had to avoid any and all lures. Mei can put up a great aura for negative flips to all casts keeping my guys safer. A small elite crew meant that I was denying Reckoning points and effectively we danced around each other. I scored a VP for Vendetta while he scored 3. That was the key difference. 7-4 loss.

Game 3: Squatter’s Rights vs Tara

Another tough matchup that would decide final rankings. I was on the backfoot but knew I was fast enough to achieve Power ritual so I announced it. Taking Glen by surprise I had the Mechanical Rider in his backfield in turn 2. He kept the flank busy pooping out constructs for the rest of the game which was enough to swing activation order to me denying Tara her ability to reactivate. Cursed Object was handy to take with large Melee ranges denying the opportunity to remove the condition. 10-8 victory.

With the results in somehow I managed to come second. Chuffed with that. Gunsmith, fire gamin and Mechanical Rider are all now firmly in my good books.

#Malifaux #Reckoning Somer vs Somer

Posted: January 7, 2015 in Gaming
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Last night was another gremlin v gremlin for control of the Bayou. We flipped and got Reckoning with Line in the Sand, Bodyguard, Assassinate, Entourage and Make Them Suffer. Quite a lot of killing was anticipated, expected and resulted from the ‘Killing Zone’ table layout.

I took:

  • Somer
  • Lenny
  • 2 Warpigs
  • 2 Slop Haulers
  • Skeeter
  • 2 Bayou Gremlins
  • Entourage (Revealed) and Assassinate

while David had:

  • Somer
  • Lenny
  • Gracie
  • Burt
  • 3 Bayou Gremlins
  • 2 Slop Haulers
  • Bodyguard (Gracie) and Make Them Suffer

David started quite aggressively having Somer ‘Git yer Bro’, healing around him and Lenny throwing Gremlins up the table followed by Gracie saddling Lenny up as well. I summoned Gremlins but with scenery was forced to either hug cover or risk getting exposed in death valley. I ran the warpig on the right up in preparation for a pig charge in turn 2 and the pig on the left ran to the mouth of death valley and got shot off the table early turn 2. My skeeter landed in the middle of the alleyway to cut down some shooting but not enough.

Turn 2 earned both of us Reckoning points as the warpig destroyed a lowly gremlin and in return Gracie walked in and took 4 wounds off the pig. Lots of shooting and David declared Make them Suffer as he shot a poor gremlin off the table.

Turn 3 David continued to whittle my forces down earning another Reckoning and Make them Suffer. Somer shot Burt away but I couldn’t get the slop haulers to land any damage to earn the Reckoning point. Somer had positioned himself over the halfway point and I knew I could get to the enemy deployment zone for the full 3VP.

Turn 4 and Lenny smack David’s Somer who had no soulstones left. A cheated severe took the 5 wounds needed to put Somer out of the game for Assassinate. Gracie and the other Lenny charged my poor slop haulers who were mauled. David declared Bodyguard on Gracie who was also healed by the slop hauler.

Turn 5 seen my Somer take a shot at a slop hauler, missing and judging to be just out of single walk range of the enemy deployment decided not to shoot again and double walked behind a wall.

With a failed card flip to see if the game continued or not we called it. 8-6 to David. Great game.