@Wyrd release Book 4 Artwork

Posted: July 29, 2016 in Gaming
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This will be updated as more previews are released up til Gencon.

Guild: I see a few more marshals by the look of it. Nellie and her reporters.

Gremlins: Some crazy shape shifting between pig and hulking gremlins? Zipp and some flying construct skeeters

Outcasts: Bandidios, undead bandidos and I’m guessing Last Blossom female assassins. Barrows and his posse

Ressers: Reva on horseback, peacekeeper-weaponised shieldbearers

Neverborn: Titania and werewolves!!!

Ten Thunders: Asami and her Oni, Terracotta warriors, Yasunori rider

Arcanists: Sandeep and some sweet poison gamin

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